Thursday, November 27, 2008

Helping Your Neighbors - Especially Now

Things are tough for all of us, but for those who have lost jobs and teeter on losing their homes, I ask all of you who can to give a little to a food pantry listed below at this time of great need. No one in our community should go without food and you will feel better by contributing to those who are less fortunate then we are. We went to BJ's and bought $175 worth of staples for the Salvation Army in Framingham. We ask you to do what you can for this winter of hardship that many of our neighbors will most certainly endure. Together we can be a part of the solution.

Food Pantries in Framingham

Salvation Army/Framingham Food Pantry
34-35 Concord Street
508 875 3341

St. Bridget’s Food Pantry
15 Wheeler Avenue
508 875 5959

Metro West Harvest
SMOC Building
300 Howard Street
508 788 3663