Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another double dipping... and everyone knows

For state employees in the Massachusetts National Guard, there is a significant pay disparity between those who serve in-state and those shipped to the battle theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The ones who stay home are paid far more.

This unusual system has meant that State Police troopers, correctional officers, and a dispatcher have collected tens of thousands of dollars in what amounts to double pay for serving with the Guard in places like Cape Cod, Milford, and Hingham. For their in-state efforts, while on leave from their state jobs, they earn their full state salary, as well as their Guard salary.

The article in the Globe has interviews with law enforcement officials, guards, etc.. State employee's who have been receiving their salary while receiving military pay, if stationed in Mass. While not wanting to seem unpatriotic and not a huge fan of anti drug warriors and the prison complex, I hope the logical in this comes forward.

No one should get two pay checks for doing one job, with tax payer money here in Mass. It's unfair and was not the intent of the original law that was to insure that guardsmen would not suffer financially if deployed. While Some have collected tens of thousands of dollars over years, they defend it, with, "it's the law" don't blame me for taking that money.

Deval is waiting for Major General Joseph Carter of the Mass National Guard to weigh in on this. The Major General has been looking at this for nine months now and will give Deval his recommendation when the report is finished.

What was it? hurry up and wait..

Ok.. it's here, the new budget proposals from DeLeo

House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) unveiled a stark $27.44 billion budget riddled with deep cuts today, eliminating budgetary sacred cows such as the Quinn bill, and slashing local aid by 25 percent.

“I think today will put it all into perspective,” DeLeo said about the bare-bones budget. “This is a severe budget based on severe times.”

House Ways and Means Chair Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) said he made $1.8 billion in cuts and used about $1.5 billion in federal stimulus funding to close a $3.6 billion budget deficit. The rest of the gap was filled with additional federal money and by withholding payments to the rainy day fund.

Ok budget fans, this is what the State House is presenting. You can see the entire package at

They will dip into the rainy day fund and use some stimulus money to keep education, snow removal and legal fees for public defenders in. It's my semi educated guess, they will enact all the increases in taxes, gas, tolls, candy, alcohol, etc, etc, by July 4th, just to cover the short fall this year. Which would mean, from now on.

It just sleighs me, DeLeo would not have cut the salaries of the State House reps now.

Hang on.. it's going to be a very bumpy ride for Framingham and every other Town and City who has spent to much in the past.

The State House.. Out of touch.. or out of mind?

As the House and Senate leadership make plans to increase sales tax, gas tax, toll increases, candy, soda and alcohol tax increases, amid the worse economic downfall in this States history, the ruling elected elite, who have faced no challengers for years now, are doing fund raising events. House members were rushing to wrap up debate on pension reform so they would be able to kiss the ring of DeLeo.

As they formulate their spending plans, the lawmakers have also been raising campaign money, a Beacon Hill tradition at budget season. Murphy hosted a fund-raiser last week at the Liberty Hotel ballroom, complete with meatball sliders and lamb chops. DeLeo held a fund-raiser last night at Tecce's, and House lawmakers were rushing to wrap up debate on pension reform to trek over to the North End restaurant.