Friday, April 17, 2009

State or private sector employees? which one makes more?

According to one study, public employees earned benefits worth an average of $13.38 an hour in December 2008, while private-sector workers got benefits worth $7.98 an hour. Overall, total compensation for state and local workers was $39.25 an hour, $11.90 more than in the private sector.

Democrats will argue this calls for more mandates from the government to increase the minimum wage. What it actually means is that government workers, who are paid by the taxpayers, are vastly overpaid, and with their benefits and their pensions, are risking the financial health of this country.

The pole,

In the most recent 30 day web pole, of a year long web pole, 600 voters were asked “how do you grade the Massachusetts State House”? The majority, 542 or 90% felt they had failing grades, 5% thought they passed and 4% were not sure. In another question voters were asked, “Should the Massachusetts Legislature do everything in its power to cut the State Budget to avoid tax and toll increases”? 91% voted yes while 8% indicated no.

Not so surprising I guess