Monday, May 4, 2009

Web Poles, Gardening and Rock and Roll

Just a reminder, we have a new question on Grade Ma State House.

Should the legislators take a cut in salary? if so, how much?

If any of our readers who are unemployed, veterans or seniors citizens who have a patch of land they want tilled up for a garden, I will do that for free. Just e mail me at and we will make arrangements. For a small amount of money invested in seeds and plants you can get a great return on your investment, save a few bucks and eat vegetables out of your garden which are healthier than most stuff you get from the grocers. A very good activity for the kids in the house also.

This Saturday (May 9TH) my neighbors are doing a rummage sale to benefit "The Relay for Life Team", a group that helps cancer survivors. The Victory Band will be dusted off and be playing around 1PM, two sets of old rock&roll music. Donations to the rummage sale can be dropped off at 12 Yorks Road, Jim and Amy Swallow. This will be weather permitting.

The Globe, Metro West Daily and all the rest.

Warren Buffet today in the WSJ said newspapers are in trouble and may not survive. The Globe is trying to keep afloat with employee concessions and if it's true, the Globe is losing 85 million, I can't see how employee concessions would ever make up that difference.

The MWDN has been shrinking in size for a while now and you know things are bad when a company that buys old gold jewelry takes out two full page adds in the front section. Their monopoly on the news in this Town and surrounding towns is infamous and while their attitudes towards anyone who is different than them is still the same, the editors are clearly worried as are the bean counters. I wonder why the Tab is still being printed. I wonder why the papers don't slash advertising rates for businesses to increase revenues. Why not offer free employment adds to companies who are hiring, to compete with Craig's List. I also wonder if employee concessions are being asked of MWDN group and why they continue to run stories about grading beers around town is a mystery? Useless and pointless information should be done away with and honest, factual timely reporting should be the priority.

For all the incomplete and biased reporting done at the papers, for all the politically correct slanted reporting done, and for a host of many other deficiencies the papers have, we need them. Because without them, what little information we do get would go away and that will lead to a more dumping of our communities, even lower voter turnouts in more uncontested elections. Newspaper web sites are great, but someone has to pay or we will loose them also.

I'm not sure at all what will happen with these papers in the coming months when readership falls and the economy idles under intense pressure, but I'm very sure nothing good will come of the papers demise.

The Reformer is back.. Deval wants to take pension perks back from 10 law makers, is that all?

SO most of you have read about the pension perks for 10 former lawmakers that are being questioned by Deval. A law passed in 1950 allowed enhanced early pensions for lawmakers who lost the election or failed to qualify for the ballot. Cahill is involved with this also but is pleading ignorance and will not take questions from the Globe regarding whether Cahill should rescind these outrageous and unwarranted benefits.

The reforms that Deval has asked for include the elimination of past pension abuse. The House as you know passed their watered down version that allows many of these abuses to continue.

Now comes the Senate and Ms. Murray. They have to compromise the differences in the Budget along with the pension and transportation reforms asked for by Deval... the once thought of reformer. But he seems to be immune to his own mantra and still is hiring friends of friends in the Democratic party, at hefty salaries.

The senate is looking at a more realistic figure in the budget shortfall, which is a good thing. As we tread water the State House continues to be flooded with lobbyists calling in favors to those who have been endorsed or taken money. Entitlements like the Quinn Bill funding have been pared down, but are still in there.

This all will be played out in the coming weeks and you can bet, DeLeo, Deval and Murray will be under fire the entire time. Power struggles will ensue, partisan politics will play a bigger than usual role and unless there are serious cuts in the spending this year, 2010 and beyond will look even worse for us.