Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pension Reform done, two to go, Sals pension on hold

Good news has come from the State House in the form of Pension Reform. ALL the proposals have been adopted by the conference committee and while more needs to be done in capping huge pensions, the fact that Beacon Hill finally gets it... is worth something to the voters. Let's demand the same results for ethics and transportation reform. As one analyst said today, The House needed to make friends before toll increases and gas tax increase.

And wouldn't you know, finally some common sense takes hold of the pension board. DiMasi's recent indictment shook the halls and perhaps was a wake up call for those still on the Hill, looking to game the system.

The patient is off the respirator and is breathing on their own now. Let's see in the coming weeks if the new remedies will allow the patient to go home and live a productive life.