Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lower revenue, Spilka news, more coruption

Ok budget fans, Senate President Murray is saying the State is 35 million lower in tax revenue for July. And with the State House putting back some vetoed line items like funding for two zoo's and health care for 30k legal immigrants, look for deeper cuts in local aid by the end of the summer.

I may have written this before, but if you want to see the Sate Budget and all it's line item spending, go to

Our Senator Spilka voted last week to send to the House a bill regulating kickboxing, wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu, including Ultimate Fighting. The Senate claims it would bring in 12 million in revenue. Lets see how the House votes on this. They are desperate now to find ways to create revenue and promoting blood sports is proof of that.

An X legistaor (Tim Bassett) head of the Regional Retirement Board sends out a newsletter with flattering pictures of himself with state lawmakers. Since 2001 he has earned 580,000 dollars in lobbying fees. A public employee, moonlighting as a paid lobbyists is just what is not supposed to happen. Another crooked corrupt public employee who operates in plain sight of those who say, they have cleaned up the system.

Summer Lunches

The Better Summer Meals Initiative is in 15 communities, including Framingham. This worthwhile federally subsidized food program is offered to kids under 18 at various locations around Framingham. Last year they served 2.3 million breakfast, lunch and super.

No kids should go hungry over the summer here in Framingham. Please check out their web site for locations around Town and in other communities.