Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mass shorfall... 200 mill and growing

I'm sure you guys and gals have heard, Massachusetts revenue is expected to be 200 million lower than projected for this past month... Help me Rhonda...

Many in the know.. had predicted a major shortfall and while we in Mass have much better economic recovery news lately, homes sales are up and unemployment is bad, but not as bad as it could be. Look for more cuts in Public Safety, education, local aid and Health and Human service.

All this is happening and Coakleys office has been giving out huge raises and her overall budget has increased by huge amounts. Her defense to this is, that she is hiring more attorneys to sue as many companies as she can to bring in more money to the state.... the question is... where does all that money go... and it's considerable money. Not enough to bail us out... but it's a small fortune.

Joe Kennedy is running?

I'm sure all of you have read that a Joe Kennedy, a libertarian, not related to the Kennedy clan, has thrown in his hat for senate. He has to gather the same amount of signatures and has little funding, BUT.. consider the fact that in the past 10 years, many voters who have not paid any attention to the news, have voted for a deceased legislator, an indicted elected official and supported candidates for name recognition only.

If this Joe were to get on the ballot, I think, many would not know the difference.

Check out his page and platform.....

He speaks volumes to me. Can he as an outsider be good for Mass?

Lets see dirt

As expected, the media will have a filed day with the large amount of candidates for Senate and governor. And this is just the beginning.

Mihos gets whacked for 22,00 in penalties from the IRS for not paying 143K in taxes on time in 2006. A lien has been put on his mansion on the Cape.

Voting records of the candidates has come to light. Pagulia has not voted much since 2000, Coakley and Capuano have voted always.

Coakley is looking for all powerful women in the country to back her run for senate. Not surprising she is doing this and while I agree strongly, more women should be elected to office, they shouldn't be elected just because they are women.

All the candidates have until Oct 25th to gather 10K signatures to be on the ballot. For all of them, time is not on their side and with little money, candidates who don't have war chests to rely on, this may slim down the field by the end on the month.

Fixing Beacon Hill

A group of like mined individuals is seeking to restore some credibility to the Hill. The folks at has had a constitutional amendment initiative petition approved by the State. The proposed amendment, among other good things, would have the Speaker of the House and the Senate president be elected in a secret ballot. Also, allowing the speaker and senate president to each appoint 4 leadership positions, requiring both bodies to elect in secret a committee on committee's, establish rules of the chamber, keep minutes on all votes and make public this information.

I think this will be a no brainer for all voters in the state. If this were to pass, many of the problems we have with the Hill would be eliminated.

Just when we thought we had made progress in ethics reform, the Legislature voted to delay new rules designed to limit gift giving by lobbyists till Jan 1. They also voted yesterday to exempt as gifts, commercially reasonable loans, inheritances, gifts from family members and political contributions.

They do want they want ........ to serve themselves.