Monday, November 23, 2009

Roll Calls and parking in Framingham

So before the ruling elected elite went home for 6 weeks as the Sate languishes in more than the usual turmoil, the folks who are entrusted to represent us have done the following: vetoed Devals veto of 18.8 million from the Legislatures slush fund, which already has 53 million in it, by 125 to 31 in the House and 31 to 6 in the Senate. They rejected an attempt to charge prisoners who can afford it, 5 dollars a day to help pay for their incarceration, 41 to 111. (I wonder if that money would just line someone's pockets)

The D's, through their usual delay tactics, essentially killed three attempts by the R's to, reduce the sales tax form 6.5% to 5%, eliminate the 6.25 alcohol tax and implement a 1% across the board pay cut for State workers. The D's make many bills just go away by asking to have them "studied" which can take forever and makes it easier for the legislature to avoid voting up or down for tax cuts.

It may be up to a ballot question being won, to get the Beacon Hillers to do something about cutting the tax rate.

There will be a public meeting about the new proposed parking rules in Town on
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 7:00PM, Ablondi Room, Town Hall. I got my first two parking tickets in 15 years last year in front of our home.... you can imagine how irate I was after parking in the same spot for all those years and only then did I find out about the parking ban.