Monday, December 7, 2009

The R's go at it on GBH

The only televised debate between Brown and Robinson was on last night with Emily Rooney on GBH. There are stark differences in the hard left in Brown, and the moderate middle of fiscal conservativeness of Robinson. I agreed with Brown on just two points: one is that Deval is holding back on stimulus money to shovel ready projects to boost his re election efforts for 2010 and the other was to get that money out there now, as it was intended. Brown's opposition to Cape Wind is a killer for me, but he seemed well informed on all the subjects in Washington. Brown's condescending attitude towards Robinson was clear and doesn't play well in Peoria.

Robinson was clearly prepared to stand somewhere near the left center and would even agree with him when he made a point of trying to enter into a dialogue with the Tali bin. His historical points of reference seem to be true, when talking about Afghanistan, the war and tax cuts. He makes more sense to me.. than the hard left of the ticket.

The obvious media snubbing of the R's is shameful and does not bode well for increasing voter interest. They are.. in essence, controlling our choices...that narrows our exposure to what might well be better for us in the long run, but they know better than we I guess.

Voting in the Primary tomorrow

OK.. it's here. Time to pick your horse.... for the race to Washington. Regardless of the predicted low voter turn out and the wishful thinking of the ruling party elitists that the race is won by you know who, your vote, no matter the candidate, shows that you do indeed care about the process. Places around here are open from 7AM to 8PM. What would the talking heads say if the dark horse, Kazi were to upset the applecart, after all, he's the only candidate who publicly says he won't take pac or lobbyists money.

-Hemenway School, located at 729 Water St., for Precinct 1.

-Potter Road School, located at 492 Potter Road, for Precinct 2.

-George P. King School, located at 454 Water St., for Precincts 3 and 5.

-Brophy School, located at 575 Pleasant St., for Precincts 4 and 7.

-Juniper Hill School, located at 29 Upper Joclyn Avenue, for Precincts 6 and 9.

-McCarthy School, located at 8 Flagg Drive, for Precincts 8 and 13.

-Keefe Tech, located at 750 Winter St., for Precincts 10 and 11.

-Memorial Building, located at 150 Concord St., for Precincts 12 and 14.

-St. Tarcisius Parish Center, located at 562 Waverley St., for Precincts 15 and 18.

- Woodrow Wilson School, located at 169 Leland St., for Precincts 16 and 17.

Freedom and political correctness in Homeowners Associations

A nation wide correctness has engulfed those ruling elitists who have made by laws to limit ones freedom of expression. In Virginia, a homeowners association has given an extra week to a man, who is 90 years old, a Medal of Honor recipient, who has fought in THREE wars, WW11, Korea and Vietnam. Col Van T. Barfoot erected a 21 foot flag pole and flies his stars and stripes and has been told to take it down or face legal action.

Col Barfoot is quoted as saying, there's never been a day in my life or a place I've lived in my life that you couldn't fly the Amercian Flag".

We saw this very same action from a homeowners association here in Mass last year, when an elderly women was told she couldn't display her stars and stripes on her front porch.

Take away the symbol that millions have went to war over, have died over and families cry over and you have lost the war. Displaying or flying the Stars and Stripes should be exempt from all homeowner associations and their unpatriotic nonsense.

Facts on the Beacon Hill furlough

As Deval wrestles with the House and Senate on whether to come back and get some things done at the Sate House, Speaker Deleo has issued a statement to the House Reps about the mandated furlough. He has asked all 160 members to take 5 unpaid days off, starting now through June of 2010. The Speaker suggests this move would save 620,000 dollars and avoid more lay offs at the State House.

In the speakers memo, he asks for the furloughs to be voluntary, as under state law, they are not required to do so. The memo states that, "under a constitutional amendment passed by voter referendum, legislators salaries are tied to Mass median household income and CANNOT be involuntarily altered".

The facts: According to the Secretary of the State, legislators have always been able to voluntarily choose to take as many unpaid days as they want, without any furlough program in place, as long as they file the necessary paperwork before June 30, 2010.

As of Dec 3, 139 Reps have opted to take a 5 day furlough, 21 have not. 20 D's and 1 R. Richardson, Sannicandro and Linsky have agreed to take the furlough, which means they will loose 1,100.00 out of the 58K plus they draw as a salary.

This move is more about politics than anything else. Deval wants increased power to cut their salaries, to help balance the budget, but DeLeo and Murray are not having it.... making us believe that 5 days off without pay is all the House can do, when in reality, they all need to be paid a part time salary without the perks. At very least, a 20% cut in pay would be in order, considering, there are 507,000 unemployed residents in Mass out of a work force of 3.1 million.