Saturday, January 23, 2010

The man who was beaten to death at a check-point

I hope all would remember this case from Nov, when a Worcester man who allegedly caused Sheriffs thugs, local cop thugs and jack booted State cops to beat a man to death for allegedly hitting an officer. The medical examiner ruled 45 year old Thomas Howe had died of "blunt impact of the head and torso with compression of the chest". The fact that the medical examiner has taken this long to determine cause of death leaves me no option but to think cover-up. This two month period could have given those time to manipulate evidence and build story lines.

Mr Howes crime was that he was in possession of a joint and had refused to leave the vehicle. Keep in mind, after a brief chase, Mr. Howe was in hand cuffs and leg irons, according to the globe. The thugs actually recorded some of what happened with photo graphs that span 11 minutes.

As I had written back in November, the thugs had said Mr. Howe had a look about him that caused them to focus on him.

Justice better be served here.

Selectman Candidates for Framingham

Harold Wolfe and Tom Mahoney have turned in their signatures along with the incumbent party ruling elitists, Estey and Sisitsky. At least they will face some opposition this year and to replace the two that have kept Framingham in the 50's era could only be good for this Town. It's just to bad, a R candidate couldn't have the guts to be on the ballot.