Friday, January 29, 2010

Wind Turbine By-Law delayed again

Last month when the Planning Board met, public comment was sought in the "residentail" part of the wind turbine zonning by-law. The latest revsion of the By-Law, Rev 10, had been updated with a higher allowed roof height and more regulations that would have effected large, utlity grade turbines, something this Town will never see.

When the meeting started, the Chairwomen wondered out loud if two sepertae zonning by-laws would be better than one, one residential, one commercial. It was also brought up that the issue of crafting a by-law was "very difficult and that the board should hire a consultant.

When public comment, all be it 10 minutes, was allowed, one of this Towns most ardent detractors once again, rambled on about how bad wind turbines are and how bad it would be for the town to allow them here. The highlight of the night came when the second zealot stood before the board and spun his coat in a circle, asking, "do you want to see this"? The last speaker was another in the "Dirty Dozen" who appose anything and everything. She was even more outrageous in claiming autism would somehow be related to wind turbines.

Having great respect for the Planning Board and the job they do, I'm dismayed over their reasoning for delaying action and even more dismayed that a group of otherwise intelligent people, who deal with technical issues every week, couldn't follow through will a by-law. Adding insult to injury, they will ask tax payers to pay for a consultant.

It's even more amazing to me, how an entire board can give any credence to a select few in this Town, (appointed by selectman) that have no knowledge of what they talk about, spread fear amongst the less informed, use mis-formation, lies and outright propaganda to make their point.

I'm very disappointed that the PB didn't see through the smoke and put down the fires that have scorched attempts at allowing this Town to move into the 21st century.