Friday, February 5, 2010

We've heard this before... Hands-free phones only

In the making for two years now, and has been rejected before, by the can't make a decision, ruling elite on the Hill. The Senate passed on it last year, citing,"Hands free devices were an "inconvenience and didn't improve road safety. I'll bet most of you can recall reading or hearing about someone killing themselves or others in a car, train or buss. And I trust the Senate can rest at night, knowing full well, that people have lost their lives, because of their inaction.

The fact that laws already exists to stop this useless and tragic way to die carnage, that floors us, scares us and see every day we drive. Distracted while driving laws are on the books already. Cell phones and texting.. and driving. Who among us will say it's common sense not to be distracted when we or others drive anything? Would a cave man, wax his club, driving to the cave?

What the 136 to 9 House vote approved is this: Hands free cell phones while you drive, ONLY.

No texting while driving.

New requirements for the over 75 set, in person, every 5 years, with a vision test.

Anyone under 18, no cell phone use at all operating a vehicle.

Core issues aside, there's no joy in Who Ville. Now comes the fines...text and talk, 100.00 first offense, 250.00 for second, 500.00 for the third. OH MY If this goes through.. State and Local police, will makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. There's your Quinn money folks.

What I don't know as of now... how will the Insurance Industry get on the gravey band wagon and sir charge the hell of of this new law.

Lets see how dysfunction the Senate can be with this. Also, lets see who, from what companies, donate to whom, to make this a slam dunk.