Monday, April 12, 2010

If you owe taxes...

Because of our county (Middlesex) being declared a disaster area, instead of April 15th as tax deadline, it's now May 11th. Hang on to your money as long as you can.

Vote on Tuesday. DeLeo's fund raising party

If you want our Town to continue on it's merry way of going along to get along, then vote for the incumbents for selectman. If you think that it's time for a small change in the leadership of this Town, vote the incumbents out. It's as simple as that. But please take the time to vote.

Last week DeLeo held his annual fund raiser and guess who was there, lining the pockets of the ruling party? The gambling interests and their supporters. We won't know how much money, over the 2 million already given to DeLeo, Murray and Patrick, because, once again, the legislator made sure, in the last years ethics reforms, that they did not have to report donations until September. And while this may seem irrelevant now, the millions spent by the lobbyists will not be good for anyone, except those on the take.

Look for the usual dysfunctional, closed door meetings that will stall any attempt at moving forward casino gambling. With hundreds of amendments already in the Q, from the absolutely absurd to the kingdom making agencies that will make sure, they get their share of the pie. Look for this to drag out to July.

I hope the Indians beat them to the punch.