Sunday, June 13, 2010

That 17.5% pay raise.. is actually 20%

So the employees at Boston Fire gave 1% back for drug testing, postponed 2.5%, bullied city councilors and at the end of 5 years, the total raise will be 20%. Just wait and see what happens in the city when the other 41 unions come to the table. Playing chicken with the future will come back and bite Menio and the City Council this year and could spark real trouble for the residents who rely on the rank and file union members who have less than hero status with City Hall.

To think any tax payer, anywhere in this state should be forced into giving more money to public employee's to take a drug test is just loony and demonstrates how far off base the unions have gone to cheat tax payers.

Burning wood .. bad for the enviroment?

In a flash... the two wood burning plants proposed here in western mass could go up in smoke. A six month study by Massachusetts Manoment Center for Conservation Sciences in Plymouth indicates that burning wood to generate electricity can be worse for global warming than burning coal. The short of it: The study looks only at new forest being burned and not the waste wood that biomass plants use now.

This may be trouble for the two power plants for burning wood but MAY increase the awareness of other biomass materials that are grown yearly and don't add to the problem of co2 in our air. By the way, burning hemp has less detrimental effects on our environment than wood, oil and natural gas. It releases the same amount of co2 that it took to grow it when burned.

Immediately after the report was issued, BPA, Biomass Power Association has requested an apology for the Manoment Center and the State of Mass, citing these reasons.
“Biomass Sustainability and Carbon Policy Study” examines biomass energy in the state of Massachusetts, but bases its analysis on new forest biomass instead of the waste wood most biomass plants use or propose to use. It’s a subject of grave concern for the members of the BPA who do business in 20 states, according to Bob Cleaves, president and CEO of the BPA. “The report issued by Manomet on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has generated both a lot of interest, but also a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation about a very, very important issue for our industry and that issue is carbon impacts from utilizing biomass in the production of electricity,” he said.

In response to the study, Cleaves emphasized four major principles of the BPA and its members that guide operations: only sustainable fuels that do not contribute to land-use changes and offer much lower greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels are used; members do not promote harvesting of forests for energy; members fully support use of wood waste and byproducts from sustainable forestry; and members support the use of nonforestry waste from the agricultural industry. The Manomet study completely ignores waste wood fuels for the first 109 pages, Cleaves said, addressing them almost as an afterthought on page 110: “All bioenergy technologies, even biomass electric power compared to natural gas electric, looks favorable when biomass waste wood is compared to fossil fuel alternatives.”

Another unethical Rep at the State House?

If you haven't been following the State Rep Jeffery Perry's inquiry, let me fill you in. The Globe, in addition to reviewing sworn testimony in depositions and the civil trial, obtained transcripts of Flanagan’s disciplinary hearing, State Police and Wareham police reports, and correspondence in the criminal case through requests under state public records law, has investigated Rep Perry, since it was discovered, as Police Sargent in Wareham in the early nineties, he may have witnessed illegal strip searches of two teenage girls by officer Scott Flanagan. The long of it is, Officer Fallangan confessed to strip searching a 14 and 16 year old girl and Sergeant Perry who was there lied to his superiors about what happened. Even going to one parents home and not filing a criminal report when one set of parents came to the police station. One civil suit was tried and the other was settled out of court, both in favor of the victims.

The short of this story is that Mr. Perry is running against another crook in former auditor Joe Malone for a chance to replace another questionable elected official in William Delahunt. All kinds of people who have once said they praised Perry for his work in the past, but have refused to back up what they wrote back then. Unfortunate for our Scott Brown, Perry's past may come back and haunt Brown, who has endorsed Perry.

To think this kind of guy walks the halls of our State House and feels he deserves the right to walk the halls of congress.

Look for this to be tops of the list of dirty laundry hung out by the press and the opposition, who has a very tainted past as well.

117 reasons to be hopefull this November

A total of 117 people are running for the State House this year and 10 congressional seats are being challenged. This hasn't happened in years and may get 2.5 million people to the voting both this November. We may know little to nothing of the challengers at this point, but ask yourself, could 117 new legislators do any worse than those who have been there for a decade or longer? Will they elect a corrupt and unethcial speaker of the house? Will they let unions and special interest run Beacon Hill? I think not.

The ruling party has nothing to be proud of, nor does the minority party, but without any moderation or compromise from both sides, nothing good will happen for our future.

I say... vote each and every incumbent out of office and get back to electing people who will and want to represent us and not the people who continue to use us as a floor mat.