Monday, June 28, 2010

Saving money with civilian Flaggers

A recent report provided by AP, shows that the State saved 28,000 dollars during 4 relatively slow days in May here in Mass. 49 other states allow civilian flaggers as a way to save money on construction sites and allows companies to under bid companies who do not use civilian flaggers.

There will be police picket lines around Devals events as he has promised us all that civilian flaggers will be used. Baker wants flaggers to be paid less than cops and Cahill has said civilian flaggers have cost the State more than using police officers.

Last week while trying to get down Concord Street, we were detoured and no less than 2 Sheriffs cars with Sheriffs stood by the detour signs. So we don't have enough of Framinghma's finest to do detail, we have to import sheriffs deputies. It's absolutely sicking.

Quinn funding gets ugly.

In what some say will be a trend for towns and cities across the State, 8 Boston Cops are suing the City for up to 10 million dollars, for bonus money they say they deserve after pursuing college degrees.

As Ms. Hall said at TM, this is another unfunded mandate that will never go away here in Framingham.

At it again, 6 groups file to stop Cape Wind

From California to Cape Cod, 6 groups have filed what is expected to be many lawsuits trying to stop Cape Wind. The latest physco babble is that the government has failed to collect data on migration of birds and whales. The two birds in question are the rare roseate tern and the piping plover which are smaller than my hand and beach at Kalmus Park in Hyannis.

Cape wind has the endorsement of Mass Audubon and Greenpeace.

After what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico and what some say is the most devastating environmental disaster in this countries history, one has to wonder why anyone or group would stand in the way of Cape Wind.

New Recycle Bins

There will be an informational meeting at Cameron School on Wednesday night at 7PM. The purpose of this public meeting is to ask questions and see the new recycling carts.

The new 96 gallon cart will be available soon and the new Bi-weekly recycling begins Sept 6th. You may choose a smaller, 64 gallon recycling cart or the 96 by calling 508 532 6001.