Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The FDA and Avandia

If you are taking Avandia.... PLEASE consult your doctor. This hot potatoes for the FDA has put millions of patients at a higher risk of heart attacks. The FDA will decide today, whether to pull the drug, (which they could have last year) increase warnings or reduce it's use.

E mails have surfaced.... as they usually do in the hunt for the truth, citing company officials who stated that if the studies that showed problems were to be taken seriously, the company could loose 600 million dollars.

One big problem for patients is that some on the FDA review committee were the same who approved the drug in the beginning and to stop it's use now, would leave egg on their face.

Look for plenty of lawsuits in this latest saga of bad drug legacies that permeate our society, prey on the sick and feed into the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.

I a related story last night, it was discovered that many if not most of the drugs made in China don't have the same regulatory review in manufacturing as the same drugs would have here in the States.

Back yard advice.... investigate every drug you are asked to take... BEFORE you start taking them.

Another State employee sells his soul

From the Globe: An inspector from the Mass Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission was arrested yesterday and charged with accepting a cash bribe, (3000.00) attempted extortion, bribery and two counts of improper storage of a firearm. He allegedly tried to get a liquor license for a convicted felon in Everett, to open a restaurant.

The man arrested, Arthur Hitchman has been around politics for a while, even working for Sate Senator Richard Tisei.

The beat goes on and on and on..but at least he has been suspended without pay.

Roll Back the Sales Tax from 6.25% to 3% is on the November 2, 2010 Ballot

Carla Howell has done it again.. it's official and may even pass this year. While some of the candidates have endorsed a roll back to 5%.. .as I do, this one ballot question alone, will shake the foundations of our budget if passed by the voters. Lets see how Beacon Hill and the others comes out against this.

DiMasi gets his pension... for now

A Boston judge has issued an order for the retirement board to give the indicted former speaker of the House, his 5,000 a month pension and 40,000 in back payments.

I wonder if DiMasi will have to pay back that money if he is found guilty. Let's hope so.