Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Budget and our schools

Last night the Framingham School Committee heard from two parents and supporters suggesting the School Committee fight for no more cuts in 2012's budget. It's still early and we don't know what the State will kick in this year, but it's painfully clear, no stimulus money and the prospects for new revenue looks bleak.

One thing is very clear, after a parent who just moved here said, there's not enough information and outreach being done to inform parents of next years potential cuts. She did say, the one reason her family moved here, was the schools.

We did hear that the deficit as of now could be 7 million total for the Town. And while not all of that will come out of the school's budget, the estimated 4 million will come from the school budget and as we all can surmise, drastic cuts will happen in our schools. Everything will be on the table and we did learn school choice will be looked at to see if money can be saved.

There's a budget summit meeting on the 14th at the Town Hall in which we will hear from all departments heads, ways and means, fincom, etc. It will be televised live and suggest anyone who cares enough to tune in.

Herb Chasen is leading a group of concerned citizens and can be reached at