Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beacon Hill Celebrates... shame for the next two years

Lots of smiles and hand shakes this week on the Hill. Our beloved Governor gets sworn in again for another round of what we know now is, extensive travel to promote Massachusetts. The more likely reason is to promote his book and run for Senate in 2012 against Scott Brown. Which may be why Lt Governor Murray had such a long speech today... he'll be appointed when Deval wins in 2012.

Today's inaugural love fest was brought to you by insurance, financial and high tech companies that kicked in 700,000 for us to witness all this love. Last time, we as taxpayers paid 2 million dollars to crown Deval... remember back.. didn't we have a renewed sense of hope?

But as we already know, much of what went on for the past 10 years will continue at the corner office. Denial and impasse, excuses and sound bites, blame and eloquent speeches.

To ignore what went on the day before on the Hill would be unfair to the unaware. Robert DeLeo was unanimously re-elected Speaker of the House as was the minority whip for the R's.In what can only be explained by sheer arrogance on the speakers part, ALL THREE convicted or indicted former speakers were there to receive a warm welcome from the party faithful. The R's lined up and spoke what most think... what kind of an example does the legislature show when rolling out the last three house speakers that had to resign for corruption? Asked what he thought by a reporter, Representative Walsh said, he didn't think it was a big deal.

One may conclude from the historical record that we the people are in for the very same disrespect from State government as in the recent past. The latest and greatest example is the pay cut that legislators have to take.... 300.00 a year or .05%..... is that not an insult to us all?