Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you tired of reading about Beacon Hill?

Question for our readers.... are you as tired as I having to read, hear and watch the weekly reports of un-ethical and criminal behavior of our elected on the Hill? Does it serve us to continue to talk about it? Have we made any progress after all the indictments, resignations and jail time for those party loyalists who have fallen in the past 11 years?

I for one am sick over it. Even when we have the truth on our side, do they really give a dam what we think? I'm beginning to believe we should just ignore them all and stop trying, stop spending, stop calling and writing to them, stop protesting. Can the working man and women really have a voice in this thing we call a democracy? Will we ever have enough money or time to compete against the very forces that continue to dictate over our lives?

I see so much that is wrong and can't do a dam thing about it. I see my grandchildrens future being much worse off than my own. I see a police state where innocent people are killed in the name of justice. I see organized labor working against us. I see wrongs and can't stop them. I see thousands of whole young men and women go off to war, only to come back in pieces, if at all. I see us as pawns in a chess game where politicians are the Kings and Queens, never to be in check mate.

SEC looks into Cahill and Goldman Sachs

Look for this story to have legs a few months from now. Imagine if he got elected Governor....

From the Globe:

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has delivered subpoenas to the state treasurer’s office in a wide-ranging request for documents concerning dealings between investment banking giant Goldman Sachs and former treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, onetime top staff members, and former campaign aides, according to an official briefed on the document request.

The agency’s subpoenas, which seek e-mails, phone records, schedules, files, and memorandums, come just over a month after Goldman Sachs removed itself from two state bond deals in Massachusetts following the disclosure that a vice president at the firm, Neil Morrison, was active in Cahill’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign, which could violate federal securities regulations. Morrison had previously served as a top deputy to Cahill in the treasurer’s office.

The SEC served the papers just before the close of business Friday, catching the new treasurer, Steven Grossman, and his staff off guard. A spokesman for Grossman said the treasurer would not comment on details of what federal regulators are seek ing but said his staff is quickly assembling the requested material.

Nothing changes on the Hill.. no matter what

Soundly defeated were proposals to require roll-call votes on tax increases; to post results of committee votes online; and to eliminate the position of speaker pro tempore, a job most recently held by a member now linked to the patronage scandal in the state Probation Department.

Will we ever see open and honest state government in our lifetime?

X Rep Perry just won't go away

For those who have followed Rep Perry from Sandwich and his criminal behavior,lies, cover-up and out right denial of his role in strip searching two teenage girls, rigging a stop light, falsifying his school records, etc, etc, ect. Now we learn today, this un-ethical, corrupt moron Jeffrey D. Perry, the former state representative who narrowly lost in a hard-fought campaign for Congress in November, begins today serving in the position of special sheriff of Barnstable County.

In that $110,000-a-year position, Perry, a Republican of Sandwich, will be the top assistant to James M. Cummings, the long-time Barnstable County sheriff. Perry, 47, could not be reached for comment this morning.

The move positions Perry, an attorney and former Wareham police officer who served eight years on Beacon Hill, to maintain a public profile for possible future campaigns for elective public office.

Perry’s campaign for Congress against Democrat William R. Keating, the former Norfolk County district attorney, faced accusations that as a police officer, Perry stood by while an officer under his supervision strip searched a teenage girl.

Cummings in an interview said he hired a retired FBI agent to conduct an investigation of the incidents last month.

“The investigator was completely satisfied that Jeff Perry did nothing to cover up and did not stand by and watch the strip search,” he said.

My question, does this give anyone confidence in the system?