Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Got Rats? Burn your house down

For those of you who didn't catch last night's BOS meeting, please have a look.

Go to the 31 minute mark and listen to what Christeen McKernen has to say about her interaction with the DPW and BOH. This poor women has been spending her own money to safeguard her home. Her statement "ignorance of an issue" when talking about her interaction with the DPW and BOH and her comment that went on to say "it was all lip service" should have caught the attention of the BOS to do something to get to the truth. But.. as you will see and hear, Mr. Smith's mic was not on when he was talking on TV last night, but it's clearer on the web.

Second "rat issue" came (48:10) from Carol and Gregory from Woodland Road. This women was brought to tears explaining to the BOS that her calls to the BOH resulted in an employee telling Carol to "burn your house down" to get rid of the rats. The BOS sat their motionless as Carol told the board of her troubles dealing with the Town.

There is no excuse for such abhorrent customer service in this Town. During the meeting it was revealed that the sanitation department has had a 100% turnover and that th BOH had no idea of that fact. We also found out that Framingham does not have a licensed exterminator on staff and that contractors can be hired with the proper licenses to exterminate the rats.

At the very least, the BOS could have directed the Town Manager to investigate these complaints about the lack luster responses to residents' complaints.... but no, our current BOS keeps their heads in the sand, not wanting to hold any Town employee to any standard of customer service. They could have directed the Town Manger to find out who the employees were that dropped the ball and hold them accountable to the Town's Customer Service Policy.

None of this made the paper of course, as the reporter can't stay out that late and make the deadline. But these 2 residents who clearly have done their job in contacting the Town, only to be ignored and insulted, call into question the complete reporting of the BOS meetings by the paper. Many other residents in different parts of Town may be faced with the same issue in regard to the Town's response to their complaints, both from the employees who are paid to address these complaints and our elected and salaried leaders who are responsible for overseeing those employees.

This non sense has been going on for years and no one at the top wants to hold anyone accountable.
This is why I'm running for Selectman.