Monday, August 8, 2016

FPD sells command center

So the Chief is still cleaning up his house. Years after the killing of Eurie Stamps by the SWAT team, more scrubbing is in order. The one remnant from the failed drug war is the mobile command center. It was purchased with civil forfeiture funds a few years back for 287,000.00 dollars. They just sold it to another law enforcement group for 200,000.00. The truck was hardly used, except for the Marathon and the trip to Watertown to help the other wackos with guns, shoot up Watertown residents homes. The justice department has revised there rules for civil forfeiture and how the proceeds are split. We won't see the end of civil forfeiture any time soon, but the lengths that law enforcement takes to take down civilians slowly dying.
I am proposing that FPD use the money they have gotten for the command center to buy body cameras. While the cameras alone will not stop the killing of innocent people, they may provide critical information of what really happens with an encounter with FPD.

Dylan... it's time to retire

We went to see Bob at Tanglewood a few weeks back. The place is just fantasic. Nothing nicer to see a performer in the summer there. And we were pleasantley surprised with the opening act, Mavis Maples, from the Maples singers. If you recall, Bob asked her to marry some 50 years ago... she said no, but what a combination that would have been. She is the same age as Bob and still has her voice.
But when Bob took the stage, he started talking (instead of singing) songs from his newest album. You could see the people start to leave and by mid show, 30% of the crowd had left. He only did 2 old songs and the crowd went crazy. I get he's 75 and has done so many of these shows in the past 30 years, but his singing voice is gone. The people next to us paid over 800.00 to see him, we only paid 120.00.
Boomers want (and pay for) older pefromers to do the songs they rember as kids. Bob knows that I'm sure, but just can't get his voice back. I will never pay to see Bob again.

We saw Huey Lewis and the News at the Melody Tent in Hyannis a few weeks back. He did all of his old songs and a few new ones, and even he said during the concert, "I would have never guessed I'd be doing this song 37 years later, every night we perform". They were fantastic. He still has his voice and the band is tighter than ever.