Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nobscot Plaza

Last night in a packed house at the Heritage Village the Town's administration presented a plan to build 156 unit upscale apartments and retail space on the property. While the idea of talking with residents about the plan was a good one, the meeting was not managed well. The biggest issue was the sound. Most could not hear what the speakers were saying and the residents who are already upset with the owners started shouting out questions. These types of community meetings need to be better produced and managed.

So I think I heard that the property owner pays around 180,000 in  taxes. If built up with apartments and retail space, the property would bring in around 400,000 in taxes. The concerns over traffic are real considering all the new housing being built down the street.

So we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't. Are we better off just letting the property sit there as is collecting 1800,00 in Taxes with no added traffic and no new influx of kids for our schools or building up that corner with housing, increased traffic and more kids in our schools collecting 400,000 in taxes.