Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Getting on the Pike at exit 13

I'm sure by now, those of you who travel the Pike in the morning, getting on at exit 13 is a nightmare, in both directions on Rte 30. The toll booths are down and there's little construction going on. One might have thought since it's summer now and the kids are out of school, it would be easier to get on. I've written to the Mass DOT for their comments. There must be a explanation for this as our population has not increased that much to cause such delays.

a new cannabis study

For decades the prohibitionists have claimed chronic use of cannabis negatively effects the brain, learning and memory. This study seems to suggest that as we get older, cannabis actually helps us connect to brain cells that have been lost in the aging process. 
Take from it what you will, but the studies of rat brains seem to prove out the theory, cannabis could help us retain our memory.