Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Board of Health weighs in on Pot Shops

In what can only be described as comical, the BOH has issued draft guidelines for pot shops in Framingham. The hired gun, Wong never read the State approved regs and had no clue in how many pot shops were even allowed in Framingham. Based on liquor licensees, that boils down to 5 shops. This guy comes from a country that executes drug users and has little understanding of democracy and the will of the voter. Backed up by Hugo who has traditionally been apposed to all marijuana related issues. He's the one that said in a meeting years ago, that people would be smoking pot at the Town Hall, if the BOH didn't impose fines for doing so.
This is the worst example of over reach by local boards and shows their true spirit and disregard for Q4 that was passed overwhelmingly in this Town for 16 years, 6 separate ballot questions.
Along with that bad news, Council Chair Giombetti appointed Sam Mecurio to the marijuana task force.  A know-nothing guy who has never been an advocate, never read the State regs and is a want-to-be insider and party loyalist.
Look for the industry to be stopped by the zealots and by adding unnecessary regulatory rules that will cause business owners think twice and Framingham's rightful place in capturing the revenue that will come in local taxes from a billion dollar industry.
One rule I thought was particularly odd was that pot shops are to be inspected by police 3 times a year for compliance. No other industry has that type of requirement imposed on it.
The BOH has the option of doing nothing and let the State regs control the industry, that's the fair and respectful way, but not here in Framingham.