Friday, February 2, 2024

Another group of crooked State cops

 I hope you've read or heard about these state cops who issued CDL licensees. They are accused of taking  bribes from applicants. Twenty six applicants have had their licensees taken back and can take the tests later. But these cops who were bought of by things like a snow blower, free driveway and landscaping, a plunge pool and bottled water, candy and coffee. The leader has been dishonorably discharged and his potential retirement benefits is up to the state retirement board.

The leader of the pack retires after court and is then discharged. Two of the co-conspirators are retired state cops earning 84K and 71K yearly in retirement benefits. One of the charged is suspended without pay. He made 176K last year. 

I'm so sick of reading about highly paid law enforcement employees taking advantage of the tax payers.


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