Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Cable Advisory Committee

The only good news is that Rego and Shuman have not been appointed. But to appoint those who are responsible for the decline of public access as we once new it, is just maintaining the status quo. The issue's of quality programming have been ignored by the committee for years and will continue to be as long as those appointed refuse to hold anyone accountable. And then there is Rabkin, who was in charge of the Access corp and did nothing to hold accountable those who ran the staion. He also hand picked only people for the Board at Access who went to his church. He is the woorst example of appointment abuse by the Mayor and the best example of why our new city form of governance is just like our old one. Axelrod has fixed many of the problems plaguing the only live show done in the studio. He is a good pick, he knows his tech stuff.

  • Current chair Annabel Dodd (pictured)
  • Current member Norma Shulman
  • Audrey Hall
  • William Rabkin
  • Glenn Axelrod

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Cave rescue

What a spectacular display of raw courage and perseverance the rescuers from around the world had to get those kids out of that cave. Despite the failure of the main pumping station at the last minute, all the kids got out alive and are now recuperating in a hospital watching the world cup soccer. The one Seal Team member who died while trying to get the kids out the day before will be remembered as a hero and a good solider. I hope the kids turn out to be great human beings with a story to tell their kids and grand kids. I can't wait to see what movie comes from this rescue.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Investigative Reporting at MWDN.. who would have ever guessed

In a head turner of a piece written by Jim Haddadin at the MWDN, 2 full pages and the front page  above the fold about sometimes lawyer Brian Simoneau and sometimes working for the FPD. It is beyond comprehension how he's Simoneau) has continued to work for FPD and be a lawyer in different court rooms around the State. Even after a memo from the then Town Manager, Simoneau continued to work both sides of the fence earning over 100,000 in Framingham.
During the budget process this type of flagrant fraud was uncovered, but no one the Council has the guts to do the right thing for tax payers. This could have been the nail that drove Ken from FPD. It's an embarrassment we let this continue.

The State Police OT Scam is alive and well

The Globe did another great piece on the State Cops who are once again in the news about the overtime scandal. But with a twist this time. It seems that since the Big Dig, State Cops have been manning or not little sections and buildings on or near the highway. It also appears that ALL of their time is OT time, around 680.00 per day. You have to read the whole piece to get the whole picture. Spoiler alert.. No One is doing anything about it.. even the Colonel Kerrry Gilpen and the Governor Baker suggest that reforms are progressing well. There seems no end to the amount of fraud in our State Police and no end to those who try to cover it up and ignore it.