Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Advocate.. would you pick him?

I filed a Freedom on Information request with the City regarding any and all emails Giombetti has received in one month regarding the advocate slot on the Marijuana Task Force. . I wanted to see what the resume was that the advocate presented.  Below is what Sam Mercurio sent to Giombetti. As Sam states, he has been on both side of the issue along with being in the entertainment industry. What that has to do with anything is unclear to me.
But the process in which the Council Chair picks a person for a sub-committee is in question. If he can blatantly ignore the obvious, then what good comes from that committee? Appointing someone who has missed 3 meetings already and who claims to be an advocate with no legitimate proof, calls into question the legitimacy of the entire process. Sam clearly lied about his knowledge of legalization movement as in the 30 plus years I've been at this, he has never been seen or heard of in any of my circles of activism. Clearly, Giombetti picked Sam because he would not be at the meetings when it was decided that the Task Force would recommend a moratorium to the Council.

Jeanette M. Galliardt
From: Dennis L. Giombetti
Sent: Tuesday, March 27,
2018 9:38 AM
To: Jeanette M. Galliardt
Subject: FW: Ad hoc conmittee
Dennis L. Giombetti
Sent: Friday, February 23,  2018 10:07 AM
To: Jeanette M.Galliardt
Subject: FW: Ad hoc conmittee

From: Sam Mercurio

Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 2:58 PM
To: Dennis L.Giombetti
Subject: Re: Ad hoc conmittee

Hello Dennis,
I am still interested in serving on the Ad Hoc Committee on Recreational Marijuana.
Having spent my career in various segments of the entertainment industry, I have been around
the legalization arguments (both pro and con) for decades. As a life long member of the Framingham community, believe I have a handle on the sentiments of the population. My only concern is my
ability to serve in a such a short time frame, as will be traveling throughout the southeast from
March 10 to April 22. will have access to both e-mail and will have my cell phone with me during these travels, though I may be tied up some evenings to mix some events. If these limitations don't
concern you, consider my hat in the ring.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

From AARP : Survey shows 80% of older Americans approve of marijuana for treatments

A new Univ of Michigan study, co-sponsored by AARP looked at attitudes about medical marijuana among 50 to 80 year olds. Four fifths are mostly OK with medical marijuana with a doctors recommendation. Sixty nine percent definitely or probably helps with pain. Anxiety at 59% and appetite 56%. Older Americans also think marijuana is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco and less addictive that prescription pan medication.
We older people know what's best.

And the Fed's and looking for your input regarding marijuana. They seem to be leaning towards re-scheduling marijuana, taking it out of class 1 with no medical use and addictive, to perhaps a schedule 3 admitting it does have medical purpose and is not addictive.
Check out the url, it's your tax dollars.

Another hard liner changes his mind

In a stunner I read in the Globe today that former speaker Boehner has come to the realization that there's money to be made in the cannabis industry. He has evidently seen the light after a friend of his had a serious back problem along with veterans suffering from PTSD and used cannabis for relief. Amen. He now sits on the BOD of a large cannabis company Acreage who has 35 licenses in the US. He is joined by former Mass Governor and VP candidate Bill Weld. Boehner goes on the say, that our system of justice has incarcerated millions of non violent people for marijuana offenses. It's take decades for some to realize but just like here in Mass, former prosecutors are now in the game and see the potential of taxing and regulating cannabis as a good thing for their own pockets.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Marijuana Task Force Meeting 4.5.18

The Force made up of 2 councilors, 1 Mayor's rep, one School Committee member, one Fire Chief and Amada Loomis from the planning board decided that a moratorium is needed. So no other marijuana related businesses will be able to open her in Framingham until next year. One has to wonder if economic development is really a major focal point for the new administration.  It's sad to see how just 2 elected councilors can decide to subvert the will of the voters here in Framingham. Influenced by Giombetti, he even got the media services group NOT show the meeting live, even after all the times these meetings have been broadcast live. It's up to the Council now to accept the Task Force recommendations, but one can rest assured, Giombetti will demand everyone vote for the moratorium.