Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The hunt for a new Police Chief

 Looks like the Mayor has been taking applications for the job for some time now. I wonder who was in the "assessment group" and who whittled it down to 6, then 4, now just two. I'd like to know who the passed over candidates were. IMO, it makes no sense to hire someone from out-of-state and especially from Baltimore. And lets face it, it doesn't matter what we think at all in hiring a Police Chief.

Framingham Conducting a Zoom Community Meeting Monday, October 26, to Allow Residents to Virtually Meet, Hear from and Ask Questions of the Two Finalists for City’s Chief of Police

Framingham, MA –Framingham to choose between two for the City’s Chief of Police position - Lester Baker (Deputy Chief of the Framingham Police Department) and James H. Rhoden Jr., (Major/Commander of the Baltimore Police Department). On Monday, October 26, at 5 p.m., the Framingham community is invited to a Zoom meeting to get to know the two candidates better.

Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer will moderate the Zoom Community Meeting. Each candidate will be given equal time to provide an overview of his vision for the Framingham Police Department and answer questions from the Framingham community.

If people cannot attend the Zoom Community Meeting and have questions, please email with the subject line: October 26, Framingham Police Chief Candidate Zoom. A recording of the meeting will be provided to everyone who emails a question(s). Click here for information on how to join the virtual discussion.

Twenty-one people initially applied for the Framingham Chief of Police position. Of the 21, six were chosen to participate in an assessment center, from which four were selected for interviews. The two finalists were confirmed following the interviews.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Covid Testing at various sites around Town

 For those who have been turned away at Walsh, we know now why. The MWDN dug into why Walsh was being used to begin with. I wish the other digital news platforms would have asked about why Staples and the High School weren't testing sites. At least now I know, it's not Sam Wong's lack of long range planning. And it also is clear, the ambulance company will provide more people. This all better happen pretty soon as the bad weather is closing in. The SMOC and Amazing Things site seem to be working well and are in the right part of Town. 

And if you haven't heard about the 81 year old Framingham grandfather who believed Trump about not wearing a mask and died this week.... have a look, it's heartbreaking.

It appears the BOH is looking for a larger empty parking lot. My only suggestion would be the AMC theater parking lots on Fluite Pass.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Mayor can't fire Paul Duncan

From the Patch:

Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer in an email exchange this summer told a city resident that she does not have the ability to fire the Framingham police officer who fatally shot Eurie Stamps in 2011.

The email exchange is the most explicit statement Spicer has made about Officer Paul Duncan after activists and Stamps' family renewed calls for his firing this summer. The Middlesex County District Attorney's Office is taking a fresh look at the Stamps case, but so far has not announced any new revelations.

On Aug. 15 — the day Spicer spoke at a rally organized by Stamps' family at Memorial Hall — resident Greg Soboff emailed the mayor to ask why Duncan was still working in Framingham.

"I think it is absolutely abhorrent that Paul Duncan is still on the force, and still allowed to carry a gun," Soboff wrote in an Aug. 15 email, which was obtained through a public records request. "As a resident of Framingham, I do not feel safe living in a community where a murderer is still employed by our city and carrying a gun; while the real victim will never be brought back."

Spicer replied on Aug. 21, telling Soboff acting police Chief Ron Brandolini is in charge of terminating officers. She also highlighted that former Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone, who left office in 2013, investigated Stamps' death and found Duncan accidentally shot Stamps. An internal Framingham police investigation reached the same conclusion.

"[T]he passage of time since the incident occurred and the legal protections afforded to Officer Duncan under employment law, civil service law, and the collective bargaining agreement between the City and his union present serious legal and procedural obstacles to the action you are proposing" Spicer replied. "Given that this request pertains to an ongoing personnel matter, I hope you understand that I am unable to comment further on this specific request."

Duncan is currently on medical leave, Framingham spokeswoman Kelly McFalls said this week. McFalls could not say if Duncan had filed for retirement recently.

At the Aug. 15 Stamps rally, activists explicitly called for Duncan to be fired. The case resurfaced after the high-profile police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others this summer.

"[W]e seek the immediate termination/resignation of Officer Paul Duncan. His flagrant violation of FPD rules and universally accepted protocols directly leading to the shooting death of an innocent man should preclude him from serving as a police officer anywhere," a July 23 email to Spicer from members of Stamps family and activists said.

A MetroWest Daily News reporter asked Spicer about Duncan's termination during the Aug. 15 rally. "I hear the passion, but there's a whole lot to unpack," Spicer told the

Thursday, October 8, 2020

How desperate is the CC to get the CPA approved

In what only can be described as a Hail Marry, G King wants marijuana revenue to go to off setting the CPA tax increase if passed. The irony here is that he and others have delayed the opening of retail pot shops AND he has no idea of what monies have been paid to the city in host agreement fees. Just how much money can Framingham expect in the next few years and does he really think bargaining with the Mayor over pot revenue is some advantage for the tax payer? What a foolish non-binding resolution it is just to get the CPA tax increase passed.


 From the Patch:

FRAMINGHAM, MA — The Framingham City Council is asking voters to approve a ballot question about adopting the Community Preservation Act, but with one interesting caveat.

District 2 Councilor Cesar Stewart-Morales brought the resolution to Council that "urges the city's voters to adopt the Community Preservation Act by voting favorably on Ballot Question 3."

But before a vote on the resolution Tuesday night, Chair George King Jr. added a new part that asks Mayor Yvonne Spicer's administration to offset the cost of the CPA with revenue from marijuana businesses.

If adopted, most property owners will pay a 1 percent surcharge on a portion of property taxes to fund the CPA. Resolutions do not carry a mandate, but King said the language around using marijuana revenue could give the Council leverage in future budget deliberations.

Under state law, communities are allowed to extract impact fees from recreational and medical marijuana businesses. Temescal Wellness and Cultivate are the city's two operating marijuana retailers, but others are set to open in the coming years.