Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The RMV is now implicated in the state trooper commercial license scam

 Seen in the Globe today, retired ex-trooper Calvin Butner was indicted on falsifying records for commercial drivers licenses. A former RMV employee Cornelius Rivers who was friends with Ruben Laroche who was applying for a CDL license was worried that the state trooper giving the road test would not treat Laroche fairly because Laroche was black. 

Laroche is suing the Brockton RMV to allow him to take the road test. As of now, the RMV has refused to schedule the exam. 

Two years ago, 2100 non commercial drivers had their licenses revoked because they never took the road test. The Feds charged one RMV manager and three other non RMV workers. Three of them pleaded guilty and received prison sentences.

I wonder if this is the end of the story. Will the feds announce more indictments of State troopers willing to sell their pensions for a few bottles of water and candy or a snow blower in exchange for falsifying records.


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