Monday, April 1, 2024

Should we ban cell phone use during the school day?

 In Sunday's Boston Globe , Steph Machado writes a piece called "Unplugging kids from the phones". She reports on how the Central Falls, RI schools are fairing since banning phones, air pods and smartwatches.  and other devices during school hours. 

It appears that most students are in favor, teachers seem to be happier and kids seem to be talking to one another in person. The school district has spent 117,000 for locking pouches.

After watching the videos Framingham students made of fellow students being beaten, perhaps the school committee is looking into banning the phones during the day a subject worth looking into. 

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At April 2, 2024 at 1:21 PM , Blogger jim pillsbury said...

In my research, FPS have rules on cell phone use during the school day. Cell phones are to be kept in a students back pack and not be used during school hours.

The HS has a policy of no cell phone use in class but are allowed in the hallways, cafeteria and bathrooms. No cell phones/headphones/smart watches during class period
(unless there is explicit permission granted by the teacher)

The State is encouraging (through grants) schools to restrict (ban) cell phones during the school day which I think we need to do here in the Ham. More fights are happening in hallways and bathrooms while kids record on their cell phones.


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