Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mike Phelps and Kellogg’s

Please take time today to contact the Kellogg Corporation. Tell them that you oppose their decision to drop Michael Phelps and that, as a result of their actions, you will not be purchasing any Kellogg's related products for the next three months (or until the company decides to reinstate the Phelps as their spokesperson).

• You can call Kellogg's main telephone number during east coast business hours, Monday through Friday, at: (269) 961-2000 or toll free at: 1 (800) 962-1413.
• You can e-mail Kellogg's consumer services department by visiting:
• You can contact Kellogg's media relation department at: 269-961-3799 or via e-mail at
• You can e-mail Kellogg's corporate responsibility department at:
• You can e-mail Kellogg's investor relations department at:
• Or finally, you can write the Kellogg Company a letter at: One Kellogg Square P.O. Box 3599 Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599

When contacting the company, please be polite and concise.


At February 9, 2009 at 8:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the things going on in this country I don't think I am going to worry much about this. Do I agree with the decisions, probably not, but do I think it is worth spending a lot of public time or money on, absolutely not. What he gets for an endorsment fee could save every house in foreclosure in Framingham, and have plenty left over. I am not going to worry about him in these difficult times. Smoking pot is his business, but being so stupid that he does it on camera when he knows that is going to be have consequences shows him as being pretty stupid. I think that stupidity is a good case for why kids should not smoke pot myself.

At February 9, 2009 at 1:45 PM , Blogger Doreen said...

I will send emails on this, not neccesarily because I agree with Mr. Pillsbury's position on this, but because I think he has done a lot for all of us on this web blog, and so I can do something for him. Not saying I am against this, just not necessarily in agreement with supporting Phelps behavior in this area. Come on, he had to know their would be consequences.

At February 9, 2009 at 2:35 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...



I would not expect everyone to fell about this as I do. In 2000, almost 9000 people in my district voted for decrim of cannabis and in the last election, almost 2 million people voted for dercim in this State. Michigan, home of Kellogg's, just passed a medical marijuana law. I feel very sure, that if Mike knew has was being photographed, he would have chosen not to have his picture taken. Young and old sport superstars have been caught smoking, Robert Parish, (Boston Celtics) years ago, was arrested after receiving a few ounces at his house in Weston... he was not thrown off the team. In these times where revelations about some of our greatest baseball players who have shot themselves up with growth hormones seems to be the norm, with little to no consequences, it seems so hypocritical for Kellogg's to take such a drastic step with Mike, the most prolific swimmer since Mark Spitz and perhaps for all time. Notice, he wasn't banned from the Olympics because of his OUI arrest. Great athletes, young and old, consume cannabis occasionally and sanctioning Mike will never change that.

At February 10, 2009 at 1:45 PM , Blogger Rich said...

I have a hard time mustering up much sympathy for some kid who is making millions because he can swim. He worked hard, I give him that, but I worked hard too to get through college, and at work so I could move up that corporate ladder. I bet I worked as many hours if not more than this kid did. I was smart, and kept myself out of trouble, no questionable behavior in a place that would allow it to become public knowledge, played by the rules. I lost my job through no fault of my own because of the economic downturn. Phelps lost his job in the form of his sponsor and his write to competitively swim, but he lost it because he did something that he knew would not be considered acceptable behavior. No one is saying he is a criminal, but he sure did use bad judgement. He knew the rules of the game when he signed up. Now he has to pay the consequences. I know your thoughts on this subject Mr. Pillsbury, but don't make yourself into a one issue man, and don't back a losing horse. The kid would have lost his endorsement if he beat up his wife, got arrested for drunk driving, or posed naked in a magazine. He chose to take a chance and it was a bad choice. Now he needs to pay the price. Don't ask us to feel sympathetic for him. It is not like he is going to suffer. Decrim is a good thing, but showing himself participating in a behavior that is illegal is not something that should go un-noticed. If you want to change the law, then work to do that, as you did. But don't snub your nose at the law and expect to get away with it because you are a celebrity. If you lit up a joint at Town Hall, you would expect to have consequences, and you would pay those consequences for the belief in your cause, and I and many others would respect you for that. Don't diminish that respect we have for you by taking the side of someone who in essence, did that, but is not willing to stand up for his behavior. He publically apologized for his poor judgement. He did not defend his position. If he does not have the backbone to stand up for his principals if he thinks it was ok to do what he did, then why are you wasting your time standing up for him? You can contribute so much more of value. Don't get yourself all caught up in this kid, and this non-issue.

At February 11, 2009 at 2:26 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...


Thanks for your comments. In my defense, I've spent the past 25 years dispelling myths and exposing hypocrisy, in many different arenas and make no apologies for that.

But ask yourself, will A rod get fired from the Yankee's? for his lying about illegal drug use? Will Bonds and Clemens loose their endorsement deals?

Kellogg's further's "reefer madness" with their historical apolitically correct actions and I will as always, stand up to hypocrisy and not buy their products until they see the light. For the same reasons I've stopped buying gas at Exxon years ago, after the Valdeze accident. I don't shop at Target, because they stopped the Salvation Army some years ago from putting a donation kettle at their front door.


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