Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fox, speeding tickets, Dandelions and Deval

From the Herald.....State Rep. Gloria L. Fox is under state scrutiny for allegedly sneaking a murderer’s girlfriend - previously bagged for engaging in “sexual acts” with the killer con - into a state prison in Bridgewater, the Herald has learned.

Using her State House-issued, all-access prison privileges, Fox, 67, visited convicted murderer Darrell Jones in the high-security segregation unit of the Old Colony Correctional Center with a woman the Roxbury Democrat claimed was her “best aide,” two prison sources told the Herald.

In deference to Fox’s status as a legislator, she and Joanna Marinova, 26, were ushered unsearched into an area Marinova would normally have been barred from - a clear security breach - according to two sources.

Another one bites the dust I think here. If she's not fired I'll eat my grass. To bring in the girlfriend of a monster to a high security prison, then lie about who she is, must be a felony at the prison. I beleiev you are subject to arrest by giving wrong information at the front desk. Lets see how this plays out. Will Deleo come to her defense? will Deval?

For those of you who drive on the pike... anbd just about any higway at this point... you should know, they (our tax payer funded pirates that cruise the Pike with weapons of mass destruction) are giving out record numbers of speeding tickets. Be aware of your speeds out there, even in Town. Paying for tickets at this point in time is useless and can effect your insurance. Be ever vigilant for killer drivers out there... that SOB that caused that accident on 128 should face seriuos jail time for sure and never allowed to drive again.

The WSJ reports that sales in grocery stores have reached over 2 million last year for dandelion leaves... so.. here's a thought, we start a service to homeowners and business to pick their dandelion leaves from their property free. At 8.00 dollars a pound, in my neighbors yard alone, we'd be rich.

Our Deval is circling the State in campaign mode. Listening to his one partly loyalist, he's making his exposure time increase among the sheep. A herdsmen with blind and deaf sheep. While we all wonder which tax will be increased this week, gas approaches 3.00 dollars, the budget has to be resolved in 30 days or so, casinos have big names and money now in the State, look for lots of fund raiser participation on behalf of Deval, who is taking advantage of the 71st Governor Fund, even as we speak. And Coakley hovers over Hyannis with two un maned drones, one to monitor Ted's heart beat and the other to fly to Devals office with her acceptance speech.


At May 28, 2009 at 5:22 PM , Blogger Frank S. said...

I want to know what Fox did while the woman she snuck it got it on with the prisoner. Maybe she took movies to sell and raise funds for the state budget crisis. Be prepared for some such ridiculous justification of the behavior I am sure.

At May 28, 2009 at 5:25 PM , Blogger Can't think of a name said...

I get a kick out of your comments about Coakley. But you know, you probably are not off base about her circling Kennedy. But I find it hard to beleive there is not another Kennedy in the wings ready to pounce on that seat when the old boy dies. I am not a democrat, and not a Kennedy worshiper, but he has done an awful lot of good for this state, and those will be tough shoes to fill. And we all know that Kerry will not be able to fill them.

At May 28, 2009 at 5:35 PM , Blogger Framingham resident said...

Dandelions? People eat dandelions? Well guess we don't have to worry about anyone going hungry in my neighborhood. Everyones lawn here is covered with those things.

At May 29, 2009 at 10:13 AM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

Fox now claims she knew nothing of the girls association with the convict. But does not excuse her from being diligent.

No Kennedy is on the radar from what I know. Ted is still so pissed at Carolyn and unless his son Patrick moves to Mass, there's no one to pick up the ball. Coakley is maneuvering her ship into location in case of a pirate attack.

Dandelion greens are apparently good. I will raid my neighbors year and do a taste test. I know they use no weed killers but they do have dogs... don't eat the yellow leaves.

At June 25, 2009 at 5:50 PM , Blogger Bert said...

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