Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dead again, Medical Marijuana

After 9 years at the State House, HB 2160 "an act to regulate the medical use of marijuana by patients approved by physicians and certified by the department of health" has been once again, stopped at the Health Care Committee. Twelve other reps have signed on to this bill, but once again, the leadership shows little sign of acceptance. One other good reason for the removal of DeLeo and all that follow him.

The chair of the committee, Jeffrey Sanchez, D 15th Suffolk is the culprit and should be ashamed of his lack of intelligence and compassion for the sick and dying. This has gone on to long in this State, while others like California reap the tax revenue generated from the sale of medicinal cannabis, the morons on the Hill continue to block this non toxic, historically proven medicine for perhaps as many as a million people in this State.

Some of you may know someone who has been told by their doctor to use cannabis, (off the record) and perhaps even been asked to find some for a family member or friend going through chemo or a host of other painful diseases.

If you are as disgusted with him as I, send the bastard a note.

Jeffrey Sanchez
8 Armstrong Street
Jamaica Plain MA 02130

Jeffrey Sanchez
130 State House,
Massachusetts 02133
Phone: (617) 722-2130


At March 17, 2010 at 1:28 PM , Blogger Edward said...

How can you think it is ok to give someone morphine or oxycontin, but not pot? I tell you what I think. I think it is the drug companies that are preventing this. No need for anti-nausau drugs if they can get better results from some organic plant. Same for anit- depressants. I would be interested to know if this Sanchez guy has taken any contribution from drug/pharmaceutical companies.

At March 17, 2010 at 3:14 PM , Blogger Doreen said...

I know this is a topic close to your heart Pillsbury, and to be honest, legalization of pot is not something that I spend much time thinking about or being concerned about. But I gotta say that I do think about denying a sick person something that will ease their suffering. That is is just wrong.

At March 17, 2010 at 4:57 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

When looking at Sanchez's contributors, one finds Merck on his list and other health care concerns and lobbyists. You got it Edward... it must be the money that sways this idiot.

And most Americans fell the same way you do Doreen. Poll after Poll, scientific paper after paper, empirical evidence and thousands of years of use. No one has died ever from using it and yet, hard core drugs are administered to half of all Americans in this country.

He's top on the list of elected officials who need to be thrown in Boston Harbor.


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