Monday, January 3, 2011

Pam Richardson.. gaming the system to the end

For those of us who thought we'd hear the end of former legislator Richardson, just open your e mail. Last month I received an e mail stating that Richardson who is still on the States payroll, is now in the reality business. I'm sure I got the same message as everyone else who had signed up for her newsletter a few years ago. And clearly, it's not un-ethical to use the e mail addresses of voters who signed up to be notified of actions on Beacon Hill. Nor is it un-ethical to use that same web site to advertise your new business.

I can only wonder what type of Realtor she will be. Will she call you back if you call her? Will she respond to questions with inelegance and directly? Will she destroy documents of those she doesn't like? Will she game the system to benefit a select group of people? Can anyone closely tied to Bob DeLeo ever be trusted?

When and if I ever sell, you can bet I wouldn't list with her. Or even allow her in my homes.

ERA Key Realty Services
1881 Worcester Rd. * Framingham, MA 01701
cell: 508-524-0723 Office: 508-879-4474


At January 3, 2011 at 1:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richardson needs a job just like many others who have found themselves unemployed. Quite a step down from State Rep to saleswoman. But what better job for her? She claims she did so much for Framingham. Well now lets see if she did enough to make people want to buy here and pay a decent price for the home they are buying. Something tells me she won’t be making a killing selling real estate here in Framingham, but then, maybe she will concentrate on selling in other local towns. Will be interesting to see.


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