Sunday, November 6, 2016

The keys to cash and drugs at FPD

We now learn from TV and print media, our beloved FPD has more serious problems in the truth department. All of this supposedly happened in 2015 and the said evidence room, as of September has a new lock.  The investigation by the Middlesex DA's office should be viewed as cops investigating cops. Like the Eurie Stamps killing investigated by Gerry Leone at the Middlesex Da's office which the DA said it was an accident after months of secrecy. I see no difference in this case. Cops cannot investigate cop behavior. Given what we know now as facts, thanks in part to a freedom of information request by the MWDN. We know that one officer is fired after a 7 month paid vacation. But what we don't know is how many other officers know about the spare kept to the evidence lock up. We have already seen cases being thrown out and will continue to see more, as smart attorneys hone in on this unbelievable event. With all that drug money seized from the accused and all the drugs that just sit there, the temptation is more than most cops can handle. The larger question is how far does this go back. We know it goes back to September 15th for sure, but we haven't heard how far back it may go.
All this is a shinning example of the lack of oversight in FPD and the leftover problems that excise from the Carl administration. Will there be any way of knowing how much is stolen in drugs and money? We know that officers took momentous from busts and displayed them at their desks.
All this unfortunate and illegal actions took place in plain view of management. We have also heard of double dipping, cops working details while out on sick time, an area that I have brought to Town Meeting attention for years, only to be shot down by a loyal lethargic group of blind and afraid Town Meeting members.
I feel bad for the Chief. He inherited a bad group of lawless cops who think the are above the law and since one cop got away with murder, all the rest have used that incident to justify their behavior. In the coming weeks, we will learn more about this and will be a black mark on a department who has grown in size for no apparent reason.


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