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The killing of Eurie Stamps... 12 years later


Jan 5th marks a dark day in Framinghham’s history. That is the day when FPD officers (15) forcefully (stun grenades) entered their way into the home of Mr. Eurie and Ms. Norma Bushfan – Stamps via a search warrant for Mr. Stamp’s step son Joesph Bushfan and another man allegedly for selling crack cocaine from inside the house. Mr. Stamps, 68, who was handicapped and retired from the MBTA, was not a suspect, complied with officers demands to lie on the floor with his hands near his head and unarmed and in his pajamas. While Mr. Stamps lay on the floor, an officer pointed his loaded M4 assault rifle, safety off, round in the chamber, finger in trigger guard, at Mr. Stamps head. Concluding that Mr. Stamps may be armed the officer attempted to handcuff Mr. Stamps during which time the officer tripped and fell backwards pulling the trigger and shooting Mr. Stamps in the head. An investigation ensued and it was determined that the shooting was an accident.

It took the Stamps family years to settle in civil court as the elected officials at the time did not accept any responsibility for the killing and not did not want to pay damages to the Stamps family.  

In January of 2020 Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan pressured by the family and community, said her office has asked the FBI to assist in its review of the incident and its aftermath. “We realized we had a need for professional forensic help,” she told the Daily News in an interview back then.  
The DA’s Office contacted the FBI to see if it would assist in the review. It has sent the FBI all documents related to the case that it possessed.
Meanwhile, the Massachusetts State Police has gone to Stamps' former home and taken new measurements and photographs that have since been sent to the FBI, Ryan said.
“The questions have continued to be raised by Mr. Stamps’ family and the community,” said Ryan. “I think it’s important to do everything we can do to provide answers, if possible, and to be as transparent as possible.”

In April 2022, a Public Records Request was made of The Middlesex District Attorney’s office requesting the results of the FBI forensic analysis. After a year of delays and excuses the DA claimed the case is still open and the information will not be forthcoming.
It has been 12 years since Mr. Stamps was killed and the use of force and killings of innocent black people continues, from George Floyd to Breanna Taylor to Tyree Nichols. The only difference now is that many actions by police are recorded by body cameras, which we still do not have in Framingham. Nor do we have transparency and accountability.


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