Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unemployment benifits

While most of our readers are employed, some of us still have no job and have reached the end of our allotted time collecting. Deval signed into law, after realizing 85,000 residents would loose their federal unemployment funds after 59 weeks, would be eligible for another 20 weeks. It's not paradise, nor a permanent fix, but it is good to know it's there if needed.

The State's unemployment rate at over 8% is the worse since 1992 and most likely will go over 9%. Certainly not as bad as many other States, but with all the new tax increases coming, more of us should be aware of what the future may well end up being.
2010 will be harder on us all and now is the time to start making plans to deal with many more cut backs in our lives.


At July 23, 2009 at 4:09 PM , Blogger SoxFan said...

I think we are heading back to the days of Taxachusetts myself. Anyone have any idea of where MA ranks as far as taxing their residents? I think we were pretty low on the scale for a while, but we must be creeping back up there now. How do you go about applying for these extended unemployment benefits? Mine ran out in May and WHere have you been Jim? I thought you were sick of doing this. Happy to see I was wrong. I could sure use this extension myself. We are really scaping the bottom of the barrel. My wife still works, but does not make the kind of money I made, can not pay all the bills on her salary. I just have no idea what to do now. I am 60 yrs old, too young to officially retire and collect SS, too old for anyone to be willing to give me a job. Where does that leave me?

At July 24, 2009 at 10:22 AM , Blogger Frank S. said...

What’s the deal on the extended unemployment benefits? How do you apply for these? Mine run out next month and I have no job prospects in site. How do I qualify for these extended benefits?

At July 24, 2009 at 11:38 AM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

Frank... you will receive a letter on the last week your bennies run out. In the letter will be a number you call to reup for another 20 weeks.

Sox, you should have received the same letter. Try calling the extended benefits line at 1 888 998 8418. It takes some patience getting through, but give it a try.

At July 24, 2009 at 7:11 PM , Blogger B. Murray said...

How long can you actually collect unemployment for? I have been out for 14 months now. Collected for 26, then got a 13 week extension, then a second 20 week extension. The last extension ran out in early May. Am I eligible to collect on this new extension you are talking about? I have tried to call the unemployment office all day since I read this, but I just can not get through to anyone. They keep saying to call back another day. Meanwhile, I have not had a check in almost 3 months and my wife's paycheck just can not cover all our expenses by itself. We are buying food on our charge cards. Have no idea how I will heat the house this winter. We have owned our house for 26 yrs, so won't lose that, but may have to sell it just to survive. This is not what I expected to be doing when I was fast approaching 60. I have sent out over 200 resumes in the last year, only heard back from 11 companies, only had 3 interviews, and a second interview only once. I am too old and too expensive they say. But at this point, I would work for $10 and hour, but no one will give me that chance. So how do I get this new extension on my unemployment?

At July 27, 2009 at 7:58 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...


It can't hurt to call EU and see if you qualify. As I understand it, it's 59 weeks total.

Try to keep positive, something will happen for you soon.


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