Friday, December 18, 2009

Milk, bread and walking on eggs

For those who may have missed the debate on raw milk sales at Mr. Stephan's farm in Framingham, need not worry. The BOH held two hearings and really did their homework. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well they listened to both sides of the issue and made a reasonable decision, that benefited all the health conscious consumers who buy raw milk now, from far away, and will help the farmer with his income and strong desire to keep farming alive and well here in Framingham. What was at stake was more about our freedom of choice, in my mind, than it was for the safe purchase of raw milk.

The Banking industry is poised to make 500 BILLION dollars in profit this year. The BILLIONS in bonuses are projected to be higher than last year, this time, when our economy was beginning to retract badly. Almost all the big boys who got TARP monies have paid them back, with interest, just so they could avoid any restrictions on bonuses and pay raises. I would suggest that we all work in Banks.

If ever you wanted to see why adult men can't compromise in a joint effort to get things done, just tune into cspan, senate. Two wars, not funded, with just hours left to the dead line, health care, medicare and every other major piece of legislation, are being used as fodder in the egocentric war of parliamentary gadgets deployed to delay, push back and ignore any attempts at making a decision on anything. Both sides seem to be equally culpable. This must be a genetic thing, something in their DNA makes them act like children in a sand box with one toy. The two parties should hang their heads in shame and while something might happen before Christmas, it almost seems like, The R's are hoping to take these debates into 2010, just in time for the elections, when millions of dollars will be pumped into both sides by those who are for change and those would don't want any and accomplish just what they have already.... not much.


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