Sunday, February 27, 2011

Court apperances by Boston Cops under investigation

The lack of oversight in law enforcement has brought a new perk to be looked into. Police officers putting in for court appearances, whether asked for or not. The Globe ran a story last week that asks Commissioner Davis about why 3 officers and one detective had put in for the 4 hour minimum, while only one officer was asked to appear.

As this may relate to Framingham.... can any of you remember back a year or two or three when the MWDN had pictures on the from page of police officers lining the walls of Framingham District court during an arraignment?

As we look to trim costs at all levels of Town Government should we ask Police Chief Carl how many times, how many officers, and how much has been spent on court duty that wasn't authorized? With a 2.5 million dollar OT budget, I wonder how much of that goes to unauthorized court appearances.


At March 1, 2011 at 10:36 AM , Blogger Ever vigalent said...

I think it should be SOP for the town departments to submit a record of all expenses, including overtime pay, to the TM before any budget for their department is approved. Does not seem like that is asking for too much. I hear lots of complaints here about how TM does not work and we should abolish it. I have a different view. TM is THE power in this town, but they are not excercising their power. If we get the TM members to stand firm and ask for information before voting on things we can turn it around. Selectmen are not the ruling power, the TM is, but in Framingham, TM members have turned the power over to the Selectmen by not doing with they are empowered to do. I see things that encourage me that this may happen. Both the Finance Committee and the Ways and Means seem to be opposing the standard approve and don't ask questions mentality. Now the challenge is to get the TM members to listen to them.


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