Saturday, April 2, 2011

A top SWAT cop to investiagte our SWAT Team

At a recent BOS, (Board of Seniors) meeting the Town Manger announced the Town has hired a world class former SWAT leader to investigate the circumstances surrounding the killing of Mr. Stamps. This same paramilitary expert is the same solider who investigated the killing of the college student in Boston some years ago, by a Boston Cop. The Cop was found not at fault, even though the women was not part of the crowd that was being dispersed. She was shot in the head.

The killing of Mr. Stamps has eroded what little faith I have had in our Police Department and the leadership in this Town. The acquittal of the officer who relieved himself in the parking lot and allegedly pulled a gun on the property owner is just another case of how out of control our police force is in this town.

Town leaders have already heard from Town Council and I'll bet our insurance carriers and one has to wonder how many millions will be awarded and how much in legal fees will this Town incur at a time when we will be closing schools and laying off town employees.

I know one thing for sure.... justice, as we know it, is in the hands of party loyalists who will make us all pay for their lack of moral fiber, all in the name of the Drug War.


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