Thursday, January 29, 2015

DeLeo changes the rules.. ones he made

For those who follow the ugliness of Beacon Hill politics, I'd bet you shake your head and bang the desk over the news of Speaker Deleo's power play for Speaker of the House. In 2009 newly elected Speaker DeLeo championed ethcis reforms and reinstated the 8 year term limit. Now the Speaker is asking to end the term limits for him. What this means for us?... first... it maintains the status quo on the Hill with DeLeo having corralled the all the power. Thats never been good for this State and considering his connections to the Probation scandall and the lack of indictment, one wonders if he will ever be held accountable to anyone for anything, like the last 3 Speakers have.
 The smart money is on DeLeo which means to me that none of the reps have any guts to challenge the Speaker in addressing the corruption, nepotism, waste and fraud and the complete breakdown of such departments as the DPH and DYS. Politics as usual on the Hill doesn't work for Framingham and my rep knows it and could care less.


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