Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gov TV fails once again to allow a Goverment meeting to be broadcast

Last month a group from the State Government was traveling the State regarding the Ballot question 4, the legalization of marijuana. The group asked Gov TV to produce and air the meeting which was held at the Blummer Room at the Town Hall. The meeting was jammed packed with people, the most I've ever seen at a meeting there. This room is the same room that all the charter meetings are held and reordered and is set up to record anything in that room. The group asked Gov TV well in advance. The request was made of Carly Melo and Ron Rego of Gov TV. They refused to cover the event because it wasn't Government related. When I asked Ms. Melo why the meeting wasn't reordered and aired on Gov TV.

"The host of the forum MA Public Health requested it but we recommended they contact Public Access since it wasn’t a government sponsored event.  They hired a contractor to record the meeting; we allowed them to use the A/V equipment (microphones, podiums…) in Blumer.


Pressed for an answer as to why it wasn't recorded by Gov TV her reply was:

 "Ron and I generally discuss events he’s asked to record outside of standard meetings and Town events, and evaluate them on a case by case basis.  Although it may be a public event , it wasn’t sponsored by or for Town government, and doesn’t support the Town’s programs and initiatives, so it didn’t meet the criteria established for Government Channel events".


What is more government related than a ballot question? And who are they to determine what Government meetings can the public see. Gov TV has no problem with producing a show called "Framingham Today" with a sock-less has been selectman and a troll. They have no problem with producing and airing a festival at Farm pond, but yet a ballot question doesn't rise to a level of coverage from Gov TV. They don't operate without the expressed consent of the Town Manger and the BOS and once again, the cable subscribers were denied the right to see an important debate about Question 4.


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