Friday, March 30, 2018

Marijuana Task Force Meeting 3.29.18

 The most disappointing display of  disrespect of the will of voters was shown last night. It is crystal clear that the Giombetti hand picked prohibitionists team have firmly taken control and will recommend imposing a moratorium on all marijuana related business. Even though, a few years ago, Town Meeting rejected the hateful, restrictive, mean spirited articles presented by the BOS and Planning Board.
Absent from this meeting and for a few more weeks, is the hand picked lackey advocate. But Giombetti knew this about him and is why he was picked to begin with. The meetings happen at 5PM when no one is even around to partake or watch and of coarse, the media was not there at all.
The witch from Ashland was there and presented more outlandish remarks as well as Judy Grove with her own brand of paranoia.
Even the Police Chief made up a story about the ability of farmers to have enough money to grow pot.
Steiner is another status quo ideologue and went along with the notion that a moratorium is needed, this after assuring me that he would support the will of the voter last year.
So the promise that was made by the Charter Commission about a city council representing the people is all a pipe dream. They very few in control have unlimited power to defeat the will of the voter.
I'm sorry to write, I have lost the battle and the war. There's nothing more I can do, but display my frustration with all of those who are trying to stop this industry from coming to Framingham.


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