Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Police chief from Uvalde is fired, School bus driver shortage, Baker wants 40m for school safety plan

From CNN: 


 In a preliminary report released July 17, the Texas House panel placed blame more broadly, outlining a series of failures by multiple law enforcement agencies.

The 77-page report described "an overall lackadaisical approach" by the 376 local, state and federal law enforcement officers who responded and were at the school.

"There is no one to whom we can attribute malice or ill motives," the report says. "Instead, we found systemic failures and egregious poor decision making."

I can't see how a reasonable person could look at the camera footage and not agree more than one cop could be found derelict of duty and fired. Perhaps no laws were broken, but clearly those few who could have done their duty and took out the gunman before more innocent lives were taken in that classroom.

Still no word from the SC Chair about what steps are being taken to fix school security issues. At least Gov Baker is thinking school security. 


The Governor will file something shortly so that schools can apply for grants to pay for security and communications upgrades, multi-hazard emergency planning for child-care providers. Also funding for a pilot program for taking anonymous tips regarding school threats. Baker's quote, 'it's incumbent upon us to do all that we can to provide safe classrooms' 


 I understand the buss driver shortage here but why is Marlboro fully staffed and FPS is short 17 drivers working with the same company? Are the drivers from Marlboro paid more?




At September 1, 2022 at 3:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason Marlborough has no issue with drivers and Framingham does is that Marlborough started working on this issue months ago, and Framingham did nothing because the chair is too busy running for an office she is totally unqualified to have. If she can not manage the bus contract for a city, what business does she have being at the state house representing an entire district of Framingham? There is a reason she has no support from other state reps. She is a ambitious young woman who thinks she is qualified for any position she sets her sights on. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't her only job that of a sales person for a solar panel company? And does she even own a home in Framingham that SHE pays property taxes on? She has no business running for state rep and I hope the residents see that.


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