Monday, April 27, 2009

Any wonder why we get frustrated over the lack pension reform?

For decades, lawyer Paul L. McCann has been known among developers and pundits as "Mr. Inside" at the Boston Redevelopment Authority. During most of his nearly 50 years at the city's planning agency, his title was executive assistant to the director, but he has also served several stints as acting director.
McCann retired amid much fanfare in 2005, with Mayor Thomas M. Menino touting his service to the city and calling him "a true friend." He has since been collecting a pension of roughly $97,000 per year.

But a Globe review has found he has never stopped working for the city. Or receiving pay from the BRA.

Last year he earned $162,000 - on top of his pension - for working about 25 hours per week under contract as a consultant at the planning agency.

State retirement officials say McCann, whose combined annual income in public pay and pension benefits tops a quarter million dollars, is violating state pension law, which places strict limits on public sector retirees' income and work schedules.

The law prohibits retirees from working at a government agency - as an employee, independent contractor, or consultant - for more than 960 hours per year and from collecting more in total income than the salary for the position they held at retirement. McCann's salary was $137,000 the year before he retired, payroll records show.

I have to think there are hunderds and hundreds of these people gaming the system.


At April 28, 2009 at 8:50 AM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

Looks like they took the hint and fired him yesterday ....

But the point still remains, the pension system has and continues to fail us as tax payers. Without a drastic revamping of this corrupt system, dozens just like him will continue to take funds away from critical core services throughout the State.

At April 28, 2009 at 4:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Him getting fired proves that there is power in making things public. Thanks for the effort you put in to make sure we know about this stuff Jim.

At April 28, 2009 at 4:46 PM , Blogger Just wondering said...

So they canned this guy, they decided not fill that job that had been vacant for 12 yrs, and they apologized for the disasterous mess on the Turnpike on Easter Sunday. Have they had a change of heart? Oh wait a minute, they just voted to increase the MA sales tax to something around 6 ½ %. Maybe they decided that they were willing to placate us with the first 3 things in order to make us swallow that last one. I don’t seem to remember being asked if I thought the sales tax increase was a good thing. Did I get left off some mailing list or call list from Richardson’s office to see if I, as one of her constituents, was in favor or opposed to this? And by the way, which way did she vote on that? There were some disenting votes, so maybe she was one of them, but somehow, I doubt that.

At April 28, 2009 at 5:20 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

We won't know until next week on how Pam or anyone else voted. But it's not unanimous and those who support thsi will have to account to us. .

Deavl has boxed himself in. DeLeo is playing both sides. Deavl wants more reform to close the budget gap, DeLeo wants more money for Local Aid.

This will all play out next week and we'll have to see who blinks first on this one with the sales tax increase. One thing I'm very sure about is that the increase in sales tax does NOT cover all the gap and I do think, we will have an increase in gas tax, alcohol, candy and meals tax.

The State Legislature was smart on this one... they cut all the programs that make us cringe when we hear how bad things will be. Then come up with grandiose plans to increase taxes to pay for those programs.. .like the Quinn Bill, that should be eliminated from the budget.

One thing is clear, the legislature knows full well, we won't forget about this assault on our incomes in 2010.

As long as the Globe and Herald continue to dig deep into pension abuse, the outrage will continue. And maybe our cries for fairness are being heard.


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