Monday, March 22, 2010

History was made last night, Health Care Reform passes.

If any of you watched the vote last night, you saw history being made along with the divisive polarity that has made a mockery of our democracy. The far left and the far right are alive and well. 35 Dems voted against their party and across the isle it was nothing but the same old worn out partisan arguments, game playing and re-election politics. Like many issues before them, the extreme views seem to dominate, while common sense and compromise are left off the table.

According to the WSJ, the winners in all of this are the drug companies and Insurance companies, as they will reap the huge customer influx in 2014 of about 34 million uninsured people. There is still much work to do on the bill and I wonder how many people will die, go bankrupt and suffer before any of this is actually enacted. And look for a bunch of States to join the claim that forced health care is un-constitutional.

The losers in all this? The top wage earners in this country, couples making over 250,000 a year will pay a 3.8% sir tax to help fund part of the program.

It does subsidize the lowest wage earners for health insurance in 2014, which would help Mass, but nothing about cost controls and fraud was part of the debate.


At March 22, 2010 at 1:40 PM , Blogger Worried 01701 said...

So we found a way to cover all these people who need insurance, but we still have to figure out for sure how we are going to pay for this? Sounds like we are putting the cart before the horse.

At March 22, 2010 at 1:47 PM , Blogger Just wondering said...

How can they really say they are doing what we ask when the bill for this thing is thousands of pages long and we don’t get to see it or read it? Does any one person really have a handle on what this entire bill says? I heard them arguing last night on TV about what exactly and executive order from the President can and can not do. If there is disagreement about something as fundamental as that I can not see how anyone can be sure of exactly how this 2000 page health care reform law is going to work. Any why is it 4 years before so much of it actually takes effect?

At March 22, 2010 at 2:37 PM , Blogger Angry Voter said...

Health care reform is a misnomer. Where is the reform in this bill? It covers more people, yes. It gives some protection from having their coverage cancelled once they are over a certain amount of expenses. But reform? That implies fixing the corrupt pieces of the system, and I don’t see any language anywhere that addresses that issue. What are they doing about fraud in the system? Pillsbury, you have spoken here on more than one occasion about the fraud in the system, does this reform bill address any of that reform that I think we all agree is necessary?


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