Monday, May 24, 2010

The out of controll Probation Department

If you needed a jolt of whats wrong with State government and the legislature, just look at how the Probation Department has made the case for re-organization. From the Globe, nine years ago, our inept legislature gave away control and oversight, which has resulted in scandalous reports of financial fraud and theft, inadequate oversight and a place where the political connected get the jobs, over well qualified people.

Not only has this department bullied the legislature into not cutting the probation department's bloated budge this year, but refuses to acknowledge that ethical standards are not being enforced, money being stolen and those who contribute to campaigns get special treatment, jobs and favors.

Now.. thanks to the Globes Spot Light Team reporting, Patrick has asked the AG to investigate Mr. John O'Brien, head of the Probation Department for ethics violation and the other candidates have asked Deval to fire Mr. O'Brien. We learned from the Globe, much of what is now going on, goes back to an embarrassing moment in 2002 for Mr. O'Brien, when he was held in contempt of court (by the states chief administrative Judge, Robert Mulligan), in a prisoner lockup in Brighton, over drug testing procedures.

Look for this to be a battle royal and if it goes on into the fall, a real campaign maker for those who challenge the status quo.


At May 25, 2010 at 7:41 AM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

Well that was fast... Mr. O'Brien is now suspended, with full salary until the investigation is completed.

All sides now are lining up for control of the probation department. Whichever way they decide on who has the oversight, one thing is for sure... patronage jobs will still be a part of this agency, as Bob DeLeo's godchild is one of the youngest supervisors in the probation department.


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