Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Killer story on Probation....

As you have read in the past weeks, the Probation Department, under Jack O'Brien who has been clearly shown to be the poster child for patronage abuses at the Probation Department for 12 years.

And now, thanks to the outstanding Spot Light reporting in the Globe and what this reader looks for from the print media, real investigative reporting... stuff I could never know,

is that the Probation Department has been mismanaged and costing more with fewer results. This story has a connection to Framingham and not long ago, the inaction by those in the monitoring part of the probation Department did not notify Framingham Police when a convicted rapist/sex offender cut off his bracelet. A warrant was faxed but not his location... which was in Framingham committing assault and rape.

Boils down to the Globe making the case for "exaggerated numbers and outdated techniques, Dubious workload claims help boost the budget" under Mr. O"Brien. And of coarse, the programs are a sham, the work programs are a sham, the unjust amount of residatism, the bloated budget all under the watchfull and approving eye of Beacon Hill. As one senior probation employee, was quoted anonymously saying, I'll bet an arm and a leg that everyone in the Legislature has someone in there". "This program that they put out was all about jobs".

The piece is so revealing and worth the read, and is my guess, there will be more, after all, what department in the State is not much the same as....Probation Department a killer story at the Globe.


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