Saturday, December 19, 2015

Goveremnt Access TV... when will they get it right?

For those who pay any attention to Gov Access TV you have seen more non-government meetings on your TV than you have seen actual government meetings. Even after Town Meeting sent a clear and concise message to the BOS, Town Manager and whomever is in charge of government access TV, that viewers will see only televised government meetings on government access TV. You've seen boxing, lectures from the Blummer Room, musical acts and useless and pointless interviews with useless and pointless interviewers. We still don't see all the meetings that are being recorded on demand. We still don't see the meetings recorded in the correct category on demand. City or Town, it does not matter what form of government will have or propose, the lack of accountability with the Town leadership is shameful. And is indeed, one reason residents continue to have little faith in all of them to do the right thing when instructed to do so by Town Meeting..


At December 23, 2015 at 12:20 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

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I continue to see non government meetings on Gov Access TV. I also continue to see the wrong meetings in the few categories listed on the web, in on demand. The question for the day is, are you in charge of Gov access TV? And who is authorizing Gov access TV to produce and air non government meetings?

I'd like to remind you that Town Meeting last year voted in favor of a resolution that called for Gov access employee's to produce and air only government meetings.


To answer your first question, yes, Media Services now falls under my division.

Media Services has spent the better part of the past year replacing and upgrading their equipment; the changes are a big improvement of the streaming video and the live broadcasts.

The upcoming year will focus more on increasing the number of government meetings broadcast and streamed online. Municipal meeting coverage is a very important core segment of our programming, however many town departments rely on our cable channel to promote a wide variety of town initiatives. Among these are reporting election results, local emergency communication by our public safety agencies, and to notify viewers of official news from the town. We encourage town departments to work with our media staff to utilize our cable resources as part of our overall communication strategy with our residents and cable subscribers.

We’ve reviewed programming lineups in a number of other Massachusetts cities and towns and find our program choices consistent with other communities use of government access channels.

If you believe any of our programming is mislabeled on our video on demand server please list the programs in question and I would be happy to review them for accuracy.


At December 23, 2015 at 12:21 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

Thanks Carly,

Your answers are .. as usual.. non answers.

I'll ask again, slowly this time, who authorizes non government meetings to be produced and aired?.. like boxing, concerts from the Blummer Room, Framingham Today?

You have ignored Town Meeting's wishes and continue to air programming that has nothing to do with government meetings. Did you not her that from Town Meeting last year? No other town that I know of shows boxing. Perhaps you can tell me which Town shows that.

You still don't post ZBA meetings on demand.. why? And please don't write that there's no server space. Your latest recorded selectman meetings is 5 hours long.. when in fact the meeting was less than 2. What you see is other recordings tacked on to that original meeting. This is a great waste of server space and shows me that someone is not doing their job in post edit.

Perhaps your quality control policy should not be left to cable subscribers, but from with-in your own department.

Looking forward to reading your answers.


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