Monday, November 9, 2009

Deval raised who's salary?, a tax on goods and services

Under open records law, it was revealed in the Globe, that Deval has more than doubled the amount on six-figure jobs, in two of the major transportation agencies, since 2006. Transportation secretaries have been paid 25% more than the prior administration. New appointees have been layered over old ones with the displaced employees given new titles. The new head, Jeffery Mullen has pledged to look at every position in the new DOT. Look for this employee, a retiree, who served on Devals inaugural committee, Albert Shaw was given a job of "Director of intergovernmental affairs" a cool 115,000 a year to be axed very soon, if Mullen is seriuos about stopping the abuse.

Something I didn't know about how the state handles it's payroll for Mass Highway. 80% of the Mass Highway employees are paid out of this states capital budget and funded through bonds. Even Aloisi called this practice wasteful and duplicitous practice designed to hide the real cost the labor force while shortchanging the road and bridge programs.

So the Beacon Hill crowd who are looking for any way to raise revenue have talked about applying the same 6.25% sales tax to goods and services. This has been tried before from 1990 to 91.


At November 10, 2009 at 12:29 PM , Blogger Barney said...

Director of intergovernmental affairs? I would like to read the job description on that position. I find it hard to beleive that any bureaucrat working for the state deserves $115,000 for a position that did not even exist prior to them being put in that job. Come one people, how long are you going to support this governor and hope he is going to get it? I voted for the jerk, but I have certainly come to regret that.


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