Thursday, April 12, 2018

From AARP : Survey shows 80% of older Americans approve of marijuana for treatments

A new Univ of Michigan study, co-sponsored by AARP looked at attitudes about medical marijuana among 50 to 80 year olds. Four fifths are mostly OK with medical marijuana with a doctors recommendation. Sixty nine percent definitely or probably helps with pain. Anxiety at 59% and appetite 56%. Older Americans also think marijuana is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco and less addictive that prescription pan medication.
We older people know what's best.

And the Fed's and looking for your input regarding marijuana. They seem to be leaning towards re-scheduling marijuana, taking it out of class 1 with no medical use and addictive, to perhaps a schedule 3 admitting it does have medical purpose and is not addictive.
Check out the url, it's your tax dollars.


At April 12, 2018 at 5:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could have better performing schools and modern clean classrooms if we just had the money but we are not friendly to any businesses here in Framingham so all of the improvements have to be made on the back of the residential taxpayer. They electeds talk about the importance of making it possible for seniors to remain in their homes here in Framingham. but they won’t allow a business that will generate significant taxes, and pay a fee to be here, into the community because they need more time to figure out something that has already been figured out for them by the state. As a senior, there is no way any of the district council or health board members will ever get my support because they are not doing anything to help me as a senior here in my home because taxes are too high for me to pay. Yeah, most seniors support pot. First because we all used it or knew people who used it when we were in college and none of us or anyone else we know who used it ended up addicted to hard core drugs or being homeless and as we get older and have to deal with the impact of aging pot helps us do that but us old people in Framingham will have to drive out of town to spend our money because we don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars for a medical pot card when we can bypass that extra cost by just buying at a retail store. And when I go to Boston to buy my pot I will take my wife out to lunch and maybe to a movie or spend the afternoon shopping in Boston which is not going to help the business in downtown Framingham but they can thank our electeds for that.

At April 12, 2018 at 5:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

With age comes wisdom. We should be paying more attention to what the seniors in our community think. We support retail cannabis and we need our taxes to stop going up. Retail pot addresses both of those issues. Our District Council stands in the way of that. They are all mornons if you ask me, and if you spent some time at the Callahan Center, you would know that most seniors feel the same way I do. let's hope the Mayor puts them all in their place and considers how to best help the community, including the seniors. At least she takes the time to ask us what we think which is more than the distict councilors do

At April 15, 2018 at 4:11 PM , Blogger Jim Pillsbury said...

You have until Tuesday afternoon to contact the Mayor in the subject line.. No Moratorium Needed. A vote by the Council still needs to be approved by the Mayor. If she wants the City to welcome economic development and help residential tax payers, she will veto any attempt at stopping or banning the industry from coming. If she wants the respect of the voters, she will stop the Council from their defiance of the will of the voters. Is there any other business in Town that is going to pay us 3% of all their sales? None that I know of.


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