Friday, October 31, 2008

Interviews with Jim Pillsbury

The following link will bring you to an interview, about an hour long, where I discuss the issues important to all of us for the next few years. Click on this link and you can view this from your computer.

Don’t have an hour to spend? We can all identify with that. So I have done some brief, 2-5 minute web videos discussing particular topics that may be of interest to you. Click on these for a quick overview of my positions, ideas and plans in these areas.

Increasing Revenue and Savings:

Quality of Life Issues:



Our Top Concerns:

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Jim Pillsbury


Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Positions

What people are asking for:

* I will run for one term, two years only
* I will take no political contributions from anyone
* I will take no salary

I would propose legislation to enact the following:

* Tolls on Rte 93 and Rte 3, at least one way
* Abolish the Governor's Council, MCAS, and the
Turnpike Authority
* Remove level 3 sex offenders from the streets
and warehouse them in supervised,secure housing
* Enact civil forfeiture on any level 3 sex offender
who violates a second time
* Enact civil forfeiture on repeat drunk drivers,
confiscating their vehicles
* Support and encourage roadside Safety Checks
with State and Local Law Enforcement to remove
wanted criminals and drunk drivers from our streets
* Property tax relief for qualified senior citizens
for up to $2000 per year
* No land tax for any land used for edible
agriculture, commercial and residential
* Get recycling percentages up to at least 50% in my first year
* Seek legislative action for a "Farm 2 School"
organic food program here in Framingham
* Hold elected officials to higher standards of
integrity. If convicted of any felonies or
fired for just cause, they would not receive
large golden parachutes or their pensions.
* I propose that all house of Representatives,
Senate, and the leadership in MA take a 50%
cut in salary this year
* I propose a $.50 tax per bottle of hard alcohol,
6 pack of beer and bar drinks as a way to
discourage excessive drinking and pay for
programs that help those who want to get
help to stop drinking
* Work with our Federal Representatives to allow
small scale sales and cultivation of cannabis
with appropriate tax
* Unlimited medicinal use of cannabis
* Unrestricted industrial hemp cultivation
* Support the building of one casino in MA
* All the wind, solar and biomass renewable
energy projects that would come down the
* Legislation to hold parents responsible for their
children's actions. If a parent does not secure,
from their children under the age of 18, access to
prescription adult drugs, firearms, and alcohol,
and the child is caught in possession, using, or
selling any of the above, the parent will be
charged with neglect, and fined.
* Seek grants to do feasibility studies of all water
ways in Framingham for hydro electric and water
wheel electricity generation
* Propose establishment of a for-profit community
based investor buying club to purchase,
rehabilitate and sell or rent foreclosed
or abandoned properties in Framingham bringing
them back into the tax base
* Propose legislation to have the tobacco
companies agree to buy back or pay a
recycle deposit for cigarette butts
at $.05 a piece
* Push to have the Toxic Toy bill passed
* Allow voter registration on election day
* Support the Supreme Court's decision on guns
* Combine Sheriff's Office with the State Police
* End Police details and stop funding the Quinn Bill
* Support National Popular Vote (abolish the Electoral College)
* Propose a $1,000 tax credit for families that home school
* Dover Ammendment reform and definition